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April 25, 2015
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Little Joes story begins with a trip to Oregon from Colorado, I wanted to give birth close to home with my family. My boyfriend had lost his job (due to a broken leg-kicked by a horse) when I was 2 months along and this left me working 60 hrs a week supporting the both of us till 7 months into pregnancy. We made it work and didn't complain. Kept pretty much everyone out of it and quite as I usually do not ask for help. I worked and kept us housed and fed while he was healing till Feb that's when his leg was healed enough to go back to work. He took a job is SW Oregon on a cattle ranch (which we invested all of our money into the move) and that did not work out.

Ended up at my moms in OR with me ready to have a baby and the both of us with out a job. He soon got a job but my mom lost her house (she was evicted) and then we went to my dads place. Me being logical wondered how we could afford to raise this baby in this situation we were in . I started seriously thinking about adoption and giving this baby up after birth, which my boyfriend was terribly against. My Dad offered to raise him as his own as they can not have any more children on their own and we agreed.

Baby Joe was born in OHSU in Portland 04/02/15 and for 5 days I sat, watched, and interacted with Joe in the neonatal care unit.  His kidneys and bladder were phase 4 enlarged and filled with fluid. I decided while watching this little man fight for his life that no one was raising this child or taking him but ME. My Dads new wife freaked out when I told my dad my thoughts and concerns about leaving little Joe. I couldn't leave him with them no matter how I saw any situation in my head. My fathers wife gave us one hr to leave in a violent rage of words. At this point we had no baby things, only what they had.  I offered to buy some of it, make payments, anything! That was a dead end, not a chance was my dads wife giving up anything to me.

We raced around at 10 pm at night to get a car seat, formula, diapers, clothes, everything because they would not let anything go with him. They refused to at least send an over night bag- no formula, no diapers, nothing as we packed everything into my car and drove off to uncertainty.

I had $200 in my checking account, we bought a car seat and a few things. We then started making phone calls to friends and family in Colorado, asking for help to get Joe what he needed and to get home back to Colorado. During this time my father and wife called the cops saying we had no necessities to care for the child. In which we did not at the time of departure, we ended up getting help from the hometown pastor, family, and friends and bought him clothing, formula, blankets, all we needed for our road trip home. The Sherrif's dept gave us the go ahead and said there would be no further investigation. We were able to get into a hotel room that night. Then I started getting nasty facebook and text msgs from my fathers wife why we were unfit, despicable, abusive, and that he would never make the trip to Colorado because we didn't know anything about babies.  Then the next morning they begged and pleaded for us to leave him with them.

I had never even held a baby in my life till little Joe came into this world but, we figured it out awfully quick. It's been pretty stressful on both of us, little Joe is happy and healthy he only sees our smiles. He is not a fussy baby with all this transition and change going on. I know I made the right decision keeping Joe and not following thru with giving him up whether it was to family or not. I wanted to be in every part of this child's life to love and protect.

We are now staying with an older couple from the church in a small house living out of our suitcases. Money is tight and dwindling fast, my boyfriend has recently found a job and is trying his best to support us.

We need first and last months rent to get Joe & us into a house and his own room. We've received many donations of clothes and baby supplies but still need a place of our own to raise this child correctly. We have found a house and need more funds to move in. Anything helps right now and it takes a lot from me to ask. I am used to solely supporting myself and now I am a stay at home mom caring for a child till a babysitter can be afforded and found.

Thank you all for reading and everyone's support! GOD BLESS

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