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June 12, 2015
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June 14th, 2015
June 14th, 2015
June 13th, 2015
The world is a place when grounded, the world is where we walk and live,
have we ever imagined what if the world is destroyed?
We tried to present to humanity so that we know and we feel how if the destruction was coming,
various disasters we've tried to go from a disastrous start latticework, earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, and its other,
it is difficult to be disclosed if the world is destroyed, we can only feel the pain, agony and misery,
Our god yes grateful we were still given breath to live, we are still grateful given the opportunity to walk on this earth, and we are grateful to be given to the provision of good fortune we spent this age.

all readers of this short note to remind us that treasure, throne and the position is only temporary as long as we live, if we die it would be futile,

we are now dealing with a humanitarian project landslides let us forget for a moment the differences of religion, race, and position .For those of us who had the fortune is no harm if we give our little windfall for those people who are currently in the override calamity / disaster, they do not ask a lot of them do not force us, but as human beings who are still fortunate of them do we still feel affection with our possessions while we treasure if we die we will not take it to death? Did not we better contribute than treasure we spend on things that are not important? because little you donate will save hundreds if not thousands of people, would not it be glorious in the eyes of God and in the eyes of the people around you?

We all are brothers just different nations, different skins and different positions

thank you for reading and visit our website, we believe you are the best person chosen god to help others.

greetings success of our

Linda Geralldo / Yayu Anggriani
June 12th, 2015
June 12th, 2015
June 12th, 2015
June 12th, 2015
Today was my first day of the campaign, if you have read and feel that you people are concerned with the fate of people who were in the disaster stricken ,, I wait for his contributions to help them and their children in refugee camps ..
thank you for your time and contribution

The Story

Thank you for visiting and reading this campaign..

My name is Linda Geralldo my age 43 years, my address in brooklyn Mississippi.

The last 10 years of my active and working at a company expedisi (Apex) and is active in humanitarian organizations.


1 week ago Date 06/01 I went to Indonesia with vacation destinations and meet with my friends on the island of Bali, while in Indonesia, I saw a television news on natural disasters that killed 250 people and left 1,000 more homes almost flush with the ground, most makes me sad is the location where my friend and he became a victim, his house destroyed, his children aged 3 years also died, I went straight to the Central Java region where the disaster occurs and it is true as I see on my television did not longer hold back the tears when the evacuation of the search for survivors buried in the ground When I met my good friend asked him the story of his chronology happen as much as he did not stop continued to cry when I just take the money I gave him $ 5,000 and $ 3,000 to help .and I promise to help the people there and I expressed my intention to village heads were also a victim too.

friends and readers of all I created this campaign to raise funds and the funds have been collected if I will immediately proceed to the residents there were casualties, I hope the support and participation of all help big or small you are very meaningful for the campaign them.I write$ 15,000? because this helps my allotment for the construction of public facilities and infrastructure such as places of worship, restrooms, and improved access roads to make it easier to distribute aid later

help when offline as food, beverages, clothing and medicines that my pack and I'll take it all with the results of this fund raising, or if maybe I'll send in advance via the transport

How does this situation make you feel ?

I imagine if I become a victim must have been very difficult to explain with words that surely , emotion , sadness blend into one ,, if in such a situation that comes his help small or big it is like droplets of water in the desert that could reduce thirst ..mungkin for those of you who have social and sensitive soul can surely imagine how difficult his situation there .

through this campaign I invite all of you who read this campaign for a moment let us not forget the religious differences , ethnic differences , differences in the country because they are our brothers , the one show you care by giving a small donation to this campaign , its value may not much but it will give a huge impact for their lives his next

be the first contributor to help change their lives back to normal , or maybe better than before


to help them extremely easy enough you succeed this campaign by pressing a button on campaign donations ini.atau if you choose to provide assistance in other ways please feel free to contact me .

I hope your good intentions and your donation can improve their lives with $ 25 just we 've helped to save countless lives .

I thank for his visit and contribute to this campaign may we all , including the people that benefit others



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