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August 28, 2015
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September 7th, 2016

We have not lost faith in the goodness and compassion of humanity. We are counting on your consideration and generosity, to bring help, support, encouragement, and hope, into the lives of the many needy children and adults, who are broken down by life's many challenges. They need your helping hand today, to be able to rise up again with hope and achieve their own full potentials in life. And because of your generosity and compassion, through your donation, they too will give back and uplift others in need in the future too. Whatever amount you donate will be appreciated. We are very hopeful that you, our fans, followers, guests, friends, and business associates, from around the world, will help us, to meet our fundraising goals. And for whatever amount you are moved to give, we pray that you will be blessed 10,000 times for it. God bless you for your compassion and generosity.

Positive Life Changers
Prosperity Team


Donate To Help Orphan Children With Emergency Needs

When we reach out to help those who are down and those who cannot help themselves, due to financial hardships or other difficult situations, we are also helping ourselves, because we are one human family.

We remain hopeful, that you will help the progress of our cause by making a donation of $1 or more, today so that we can continue to encourage, inspire, motivate, help, and uplift and bring hope to the orphan children in Kenya, other children in need, and the small organizations identified in our fundraiser, so that they can continue to provide help to the needy and change lives positively.

We have attached new photos of the orphans in Kenya, who are suffering terribly right now. They reached out to us to help them. They are expecting help from us. Please help us, join us to provide hope to these children by making a donation today. Thank you for your consideration.

Positive Life Changers

Prosperity Team

Please Donate $1 or More To Help Them

These Orphan Children Need Help From Us

Donate Today To Change Their Lives

  Please Donate Today.

Greetings everyone, we are positive life changers. We are located in Tampa, Florida, USA. We provide inspirational, motivational, support and encouragement to individuals to take actions, to improve their conditions and achieve personal goals. We also provide support or donations from our Progress Acceleration Fund, to small and sometimes unknown or unpopular organizations around the world, that are providing extraordinary services to improve sufferings and very difficult human conditions.

It is unfortunate that only popular and well known organizations get all the attention, publicity, and financial assistance, while leaving out great smaller organizations that are providing extraordinary services for great causes to improve lives and difficult human conditions. We have been providing such assistance by ourselves, from sales of our e-Books and services, but as our list of worthy requests has grown, we can longer provide these financial assistance alone or by ourselves. We need your help to enable us to continue to be of help to the worthy small organizations that contacts us for help.

We appeal to you to make a contribution of $1 or whatever amount you can afford to give into the "Positive Progress Acceleration Fund." We will send a free e-Book titled: "Create A Positive Mindset Within 90 Days," to everyone who makes a donation into this fund. We will also e-mail a quarterly list of all the small organizations or individuals with dire needs, who receives a financial assistance from us, to all donors. We will also include an update of the progress being made by fund recipients, so that you can contact them directly to verify that we are actually using these funds to help and support these individuals or small worthy organizations.

You may not be able to make a contribution right now, but you will be of great help by sharing this request or link with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and all your other social media friends and associates, so that they can help us to continue to achieve these goals. Nobody can predict when they will face hard times, so we are open to consider all requests for assistance from donors too. You may apply for assistance 3 months after you have made a donation to this fund. Send your request for assistance to the contact medium provided.

We will be of help to positive organizations here at home, in Tampa, Florida, USA, that are providing extraordinary assistance to individuals and families that are going through difficult times. We will provide assistance to worthy causes both inside and outside the United States. We assure you that when you donate, your generosity will provide help and hope to people worldwide, not just in one geographic region or area. The following are some of the many organizations in Tampa, which will receive our assistance:

1. Meals on Wheels of Tampa.
2. Metropolitan Ministries Outreach.
3. Tampa Shelter For Women.
4. Feeding America Tampa Bay.
5. Hope Effect Food Pantry,
6. And Others Not Mentioned Here.
Let us know about small organizations in your area that might benefit from our efforts. And help us to spread the news by sharing this information, and help us in whatever capacity you can.

Please visit us at the following places:
Positive Life Changers

Your Donations Will Help These Orphan Children.

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