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August 08, 2016
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August 9th, 2016

Been checking out more options. It is finally cooler. I have been allowing some of the cats to eat indoors and spend some time in air conditioned room. Sadly, I am slightly allergic to cats, but it is manageable.


I have a cat colony that is now in urgent need of a new permanent safe facility. I just found out that the property we are now located, is in foreclosure. I have no idea how long it has been in foreclosure because the owner of the property, my mother, will not disclose that needed information to me.

Ironically, I have been looking at foreclosures in North Central New Jersey for myself, as I am handy and have always planned to take this cat colony with me. My mother has LOTS of issues, and is a very difficult person to interact with. There was a female alpha cat here a couple of years ago. My mother was feeding the outdoor cats,  I advised her to stop and took over and began to gradually decrease the food amounts, till they stopped coming around. We live in rural Calvert County Maryland, and the feral cat population has exploded down here in Southern Maryland, due to very irresponsible people. Many organizations and Animal Control are overwhelmed.

My mother was advised by Animal Control to NOT get rid of the alpha cat, but she demanded they do so anyway. This cat was food aggressive and kept the males at bay, and was impressively smart. Once she was gone, all of the remaining females Animal Control couldn't trap, got pregnant. WOW, what a surprise! A lot of them delivered and we never saw their babies. I have tried to trap these cats with the help of Animal Control and feral cat organizations for over a year, with no real luck. We caught one, had him neutered, and that's it. I now find out that most of these cats will not approach the traps. My colony tried to prevent the traps from tripping by placing sticks through the grates, and then rolling the traps until the food fell out. They are survivalists. Too smart for me. I am told a drop cage would be my best bet.

I put my goal at $500 because I don't know how much I will actually need. I am doing any and every odd job I can find, seeking permanent employment in New York City or New Jersey,  searching and contacting organizations and internet and the deep web for any additional I can find. What a perfect mess!

This foreclosure has me very concerned because for one, I don't know when the proceedings began, so I have no idea how much time I have left. When I asked my mother why she started feeding the outside cats again, she laughed. I know my mother has serious problems, but can't focus on them right now. I need and desperately ask for your help in contributing toward my goal of acquiring a new home for these cats. They will be permanent residents and will stay together till the end of their natural lives. They CANNOT be separated. Anyone dealing with cat colony's know they shut down when separated.

I have my application for 503(c)(3) not-for-profit organization but, am still going through the tutorial of how to correctly fill out the detailed application. I hear a lot of applications are turned down, that there is a certain way to fill out the forms, plus the fees. I plan to grow my organization to help other animals, create housing for humans, and help North American Tribes, including my own. In time, those are future goals.

All of the properties I have viewed so far have sustained a varying degree of damage from super storm Sandy. The banks have done their best to make the homes move-in-condition, but most homes I see, still have problems. I do know a lot of advance DIY, but all of these homes will require a Home Engineer and not a Home Inspector. No offense to any Home Inspectors, but there are a lot more hidden problems in properties that have been vacant and unmaintained for a lengthy time. So far all properties I've seen have been winterized and do not have much vandalism.

The real estate market in the areas I am looking is currently cold, which can work great in my favor, if I get the funds I need in time.

I have purchased Wild Carrot Seeds to help with the population control of this colony. I have to be very careful as to not cause any gastric problems within them. Who wants that?

Thank you for reading. I will be updating daily and providing you all with photos and/or videos, however this campaign site allows, plus I'm still learning. I can't wait to give you all a house tour. Thank you all.

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