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Craig suffered from CHF for some time and always felt he would go before me.  I am his wife and 15 years his senior.  Now I understand why it was so important for him to want to marry me on 12/13/14.  He liked those numbers, however, we did not make it to our first anniversary.  When Craig was rushed to the hospital they gave him 2days to pull himself up and out of his demise.  He had doctors working 24/7 and they said he was at the top of the most difficult cases ever at this hospital (MedStarWHC in WDC).  We all feel especially sad for his 8year old daughter, the true love of his life!  Unfortunately, having passed so quickly, we are all unable to gather enough finances to bury our beloved Craig.  We are poor country folk, with huge hearts, but no money.  Please find it in your heart to donate cash for Craig's arrangements -- if you can.  We truly are believers of "passing it on" and will surely do so, when able.  Thank you for your time and consideration.  Love to all, Susan.

11/26/2015:  So, it turned out that we could not get Craig insured.  He kept getting sick off/on throughout this past year, but he always got better -- he was afraid to go to the ER -- I suppose he was in denial.  We tried to continue growing as husband and wife and decided we would go into business together:  Pet Care.  It is huge and flourishing in the WDC area, and since we were already dog walkers, why not branch out on our own?  With hard work we could make a nice income and move the children in with us and begin our family life sooner that we thought!  All seemed to be going well -- except, Craig continued to get sick off/on throughout the year!  Each time it got worse.  I could not convince him to check in to the ER, until one day he had trouble breathing and had a friend drive him to GW Hospital.  They confirmed he had congestive heart failure and that he should be on medication.  Without insurance, we could not afford the expense.  It is sad, in this day/age, that one should live with medical insurance.  And, this brings us up to date.  I buried my husband yesterday morning and now I owe hospital, funeral home and services expenses.  I have not received all invoices but I am in debt close to $7,000 and I have not researched the cost of a tombstone yet.  I am devastated!  I do not know where this money will come from.  We had just started our pet services business and accumulated only 3 accounts thus far.  With this debt, I fear a bad credit score, garnishment for the little income (no assets) I can accumulate, and other happenings I am unaware of right now.  I wish I could quietly grieve my husband's passing -- we have beautiful memories in the short time we were together but it was a BIG love and it saddens me to push my heart aside to worry about these expenses.  I am unsure what is yet to hit me.  I am asking that anyone who can relate to my story to "lend a hand, if you can".  Like I said, I am a believer in paying it forward and I quietly await my turn!

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