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December 19, 2015
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Hello all! Due to the nature of my situation, I don't want to use my real name.  I will introduce myself as “Mr. Unfortunate”.

First a little about myself; most people that know who I am, understand me to be a strangely optimistic positive person or “eccentric”. I have these odd characteristics because of what most consider “disabilities.” I suffer from “mental-disabilities”, as well as “physical-handicaps”. I have trouble communicating due to the extremity of my social disorder. It is extremely difficult for me, just to type this, because of how I think people or individuals may see me as a failure, or a bad person. I feel like I have always given above and beyond 100%; and try my best to see the positive out of every situation, or “misfortunes”. Despite any odds, I completed many years of service. As an Army wartime veteran, its difficult for me to understand how -we- can be so mistreated, disrespected, and looked down upon for living by an oath of honor, fighting for our country.  Regardless of my disorders or disabilities, whether physical or mental, I struggle with pain on so many levels; I try not to focus on them. But I have always out preformed what was ever expected of me. I still push through and have a “high-quality” work ethic. And I do my best to be polite, even while being blatantly disrespected. 

I started working for a corporation in early spring of 2015. I cannot mention the name. At first everything seemed to be so great! It took me a few weeks to get a good idea and feel for the routine of their system. I started to make a decent amount of money, and then the manager in charge of my manager, started to “single me out”. It seemed like he started picking on me, much like a bully does in school. (Like it made him feel better to watch me struggle more and more.) He would come out of his way to make unnecessary comments about anything that he felt would hurt my feelings. Whether it was something about my emotional or physical characteristics, my quality of work, and/or even my attire; though I dressed in collared, button-up shirts, neck ties, and cargo slacks, he made me pay to wear an entry-level uniform that didn't have anything to do with the work that I did. He then started making rules and enforcing them just for me. He began limiting the amount of work that I was able to accomplish, regardless of how efficient I was trying to be. It seemed like he was picking on me, or bullying me to make me quit. I was nothing but kind and polite towards him, despite the things that he called me and petty things he directed towards me. I bit down hard, and stuck with all of the loops he made me jump through. Even after he blamed me for all types of mistakes/damages that I had nothing to do with.

He fired me yesterday, for doing quality control for my departments work… one week from Christmas. He cut my checks in half for the past two weeks; and he knows I've been struggling to visit my son.

I'm normally not one to ask for help, but I don't know what to do right now. I'm hesitant to even post this in fear that I wouldn't know how to repay anyone back. It’s like I’m struggling with myself to reach out. My mother taught me to never take anything that I couldn't give-back. But I don't have any close friends, family, or relatives in this country that could help me 6 days before Christmas. Any legal action wouldn’t help me until after the holidays.

I don’t have anything to give my son for Christmas. He is only two years old, so I’m not too worried about gifts. But he lives about 4 hours away from me, so I just want to spend time with my son for Christmas. I had to give away all my money to people I borrowed it from when my checks were cut in half.

I seen an ad for this funding stuff months ago on a commercial or an ad, and I thought to myself that, “I would never have to ask a bunch of strangers”, or “why would a bunch of strangers want to help me?” And that I would never have to be in that position… yet, here I am, asking for any amount of help from somebody, anybody, in any way.

I'd like to think that I have a good heart. I feel that I do my best to try, at least I hope I do. And from the farthest depths of my heart, I want to thank -you-, for even taking the time to read this. Thank you, God bless, and Merry Christmas!


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