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March 02, 2016
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My name is Amelia and I am setting up the page for a cheerful young lady named Sunny from Kathmandu, Nepal.  My parents and I moved to Kathmandu, Nepal in the early 1980s while they helped with development projects for the US government.  Sunny's grandmother Laxmi worked in our home as a nanny to my brothers and I. Through the years we have remained close to Sunny's family and we were fortunate enough that Laxmi, her grandmother, moved to the US to continue working with my family. 

Sunny and her mother stayed behind in Kathmandu.  After the devastating earthquake in Nepal, Sunny was encouraged to come to the US and receive a bachelors in accounting at an American university. She applied through an international program and was accepted to Northwest Missouri State University.

When I learned that Sunny's grandmother Laxmi, was struggling to pay Sunny's college costs by cleaning as many houses as possible 7 days a week, I knew I needed to seek help from those who are generous enough to help Sunny.  She is a really lovely, kind-hearted and intelligent young lady who is extremely serious about her studies. Please consider a donation. Our goal is the cost of 1 semester. See below to hear from Sunny herself.

See attached photos for a screenshot estimate of typical semester costs at the university where she attends.

Hi my name is Sunny and I was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. The place where one should visit once in a life time to climb mountains and make life more adventurous. I feel lucky to be born in the country where lord of peace Gautamn Buddha was born.

About my family, my mom and dad got separated since I was six years old. Even after their separation my mom continuously encouraged me to study and always supported me financially.

As a child, my aim was always to work in bank, I was always interested in mathematics and accountancy and used to get good score on every exam. After completion of my high school in Nepal, I was planning to study chartered accountancy in India as well but I didn’t know my destiny would bring me to such a wonderful land like US.

One of my most memorable moments spent in Nepal was rafting in Trishuli River with friends. Other unforgettable memories includes time spent with mom all the time, visiting different places and traditional temples with her.

On 25th April, 2015, I prepared a vegetable soup for mom as she was having neck ache and was unable to move it, so she was having rest. I made noodles for me and we both had our lunch together. We were on 4th floor and watching TV together, suddenly the TV shut off, due to load-shedding. Suddenly at around 12:12 pm we felt a small movement but then we thought it was a small quake like it used to before. We were sitting on a small couch, and right opposite to us was a huge closet weighed heavy which was made out of wood. After 4-5 minutes the floor moved so badly that we couldn’t even stand up, it didn’t either stop. The closet was also moving so hard that all of its doors opened it self and we saw it was almost about to fall up on us. I thought it was the last day of my life I screamed so loudly crying we both would die. But my mom helped me to stand up, hugging each other we were moving downstairs. The water tanks had broken, water was flowing on the back side of the house, heard the sounds of breaking glasses in the kitchen. On the stair way we had a shoe rack just opposite to the gate, when we were trying to get out of the house the shoe rack had also already fell off and we had to step over it and come through the stair to move out of the house. Finally, when we were out on bare foot, it stopped moving. We found the walls on the other side was demolished. We lived in an open ground for more than 2 weeks with neighbors sharing food.

As I’ve always heard that the education system in United States is the best, I wanted to come here to study and pursue my degree. The degree we get from here is recognized in every corner of every countries whereas the degree we get from Nepal is recognized only in our country rather than other countries. The education system here is based on both practical on theoretical aspect but there it is based more on theoretical aspect.

I heard about Northwest Missouri State from many of my senior friends. So, I researched on this university and planned to study here if I get a F1 visa which I got in the very first attempt.

I am majoring in accounting as it has always been the field of my interest and I am very motivated to pursue my undergraduate degree with this major. The courses that I am taking this semester are: accounting II, general geology, psychology, computer and info tech and comp I. 

Being an international student it is very difficult to pay tuition. Parents earning money in rupees and we paying in dollars. Paying 8-9 thousands for a semester is a lot. I haven’t even got the job. With status of F1, we have to work on campus to earn money whereas students who are citizens have more opportunities to earn they can both work on and off campus. And even university is also not offering any jobs until now

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