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March 13, 2016
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Hey Everyone!!!

My name is Clarissa and I’m starting this fund for my upcoming wedding. Dylan and I met 7 years ago at bible camp when he accidently sat on me during a hay-ride. Although it wasn’t “love at first sight” we became instant buddies and continued a friendship that lasted until we went off to College. We started officially dating my first year at Eastern Michigan University, where I studied Sports Medicine and Dylan Studied Business. Over the years we have come to have so much more than a friendship. He is my not only my best friend, but the love of my life. It’s been five awesome years and I can’t imagine sharing my life with anyone else but my other half.

Dylan and I will be having a small family wedding on May 21st 2017. We want this day to be a celebration of our families finally joining together. We have a small budget of $10,000 for wedding. Our parents have agreed to give us half and we will pitch in the other half.

The Funds donated will go towards paying for:

-A dress


-Wedding Favors for the guest


We would really appreciate any donation as anything will help us with our Big Day.

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