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December 07, 2016
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We are the Vizza family. There is my husband, Me, our youngest girl is with us and our other 4 girls are with family at the current time. Jamie Vizza 32, Christopher Vizza 34, Annabella 4 1/2, Jasmine 9, Kaitlynn 11, Brianna 13, and Stephanie 14. My husband is disabled with Brain trauma that has left him with a learning disability and one side of his brain dont work like others he works part time and receives disability. I have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and I have injuries to my back and neck. I am in Physical therapy &  Pain Management for my injuries.  I am currently not working due to the severe pain that i am inn however I have managed to create my own business that has been bringing in nice income up until we fell into this struggle. We have 4 girls currently lining with family for now and one that is with us.  2 of them are special needs. One of them also has big medical issues.  

We are raising money to help us get back on our feet after we have really had a very rough time and are going through alot. We have decided to run a go fund me account since we have been trying for 7 weeks to get help from organizations and have had little help given to us.  We are trying to get stable housing so we can bring our family back together for good. 

Any donations will help cover the costs of many things which will bring us current and help us get stable housing. These costs include things like: Deposits & first month rent, Car Isurance ad tag update,  storage expenses so we can save our stuff and move it into a real place, phone bill to bring current, and car repairs.

We had  a home that was left to my husband when his mother passed away in a very ice gated community in Sarasota however the expenses to live there with the 2 Mortgages, House insurance, HOA Fees, and the land taxes came out to be 2,000 a month ad is expensive and we couldnt keep up with it since we have limited income.  When we house foreclosed we moved in with family members with the intentions to save money and get back on our feet. We never ended up saving since the main income provider in the house had to undergo several surgeries on their back so we took over the bills to help them since we felt it was the right thing to do, after all they are our family and we were living with them.  Several months had passed while we dealt with alot of verbal abuse from one of the family members. We couldnt deal with the verbal abuse any longer and we walked out and left thinking it was the best thing we could do. We didnt have anywhere else to go so we checked into a hotel that costs $420 weekly and then began to search for help in hopes of gaining housing assistance. 7 weeks later we still have had little help and in the mean time have had more set backs. 3 weeks ago both our vehicles broke down and it costed us $850 to get one up and running and the other is still broken down and needing repair. That has caused a temporary decrease in income since it impacted my work which requires traveling and it impacted my husbands work since some days he had no ride and had to call out. All of this as you know creates a downward spiral dominoe effect. Several of us have also missed multiple doctors appointments even major ones as a result to the vehicle issues. We are working our hardest daily to make as much money as possible. I work from sun up to sun down and some days I even work through the night too ad skip sleeping. My kids get no time with me all they hear is " Im so sorry sweety but mommy has to work so we can try to make it." Were just at the bottom of the line and really need help.  We currently are looking at being homeless as we dont have enough funds to cover the next week. 

People talk about Christmas and all that and when asked all we want is to have a home and have our family together for once and for all. We dont care about having a tree or presents for our kids. A place to cal home is more important to us. We would be eternally greatful for any help weather it be $1 or whatever. Any help is better than no help and we will find a way to stretch anything that is donated to us. We will post pictures and update posts and keep everyone updated daily.

We ask and pray that someone out there can help. I am sure if everyone is able to donate $1 that it would lead to great help. If you cant thats okay too help us by sharing our post in hopes of it reaching enough people for us to possibly get assistance. Please share like crazy. I dont usually ever consider doing anything like this however we are out of options. Everywhere we try are out of funding or dont help in that area, or they simply fail to do their jobs by not documenting our calls or by not returning our calls. We even have proof of some of this as well. 

To anyone who is able to do anything thank you from the bottom of our hearts in advance!
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This Campaign Has Ended

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