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August 06, 2017
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Hello, my name is Lauren Michels and I have Type 1 Diabetes. I was first diagnosed when I was 7 years old. I am 13 years old now and have been living with diabetes for almost 7 years. Diabetes is a disease when your pancreas doesn’t work properly to give your body the insulin and glucagon it needs. At times, it can be very tough trying to monitor my glucose levels. I am currently using an insulin pump and a CGM sensor to keep my glucose levels in control. There are many other tools and resources to help manage diabetes, such as an alert dog, pump, needles, etc. I would love to get a diabetic alert dog because monitoring my blood sugars can be hard especially because I am an active girl. When you exercise your blood glucose levels could drop rapidly therefore, putting me at risk for the side effects of T1D. The most challenging part of diabetes for me is monitoring my sugars in the night. My parents are constantly up and checking my glucose levels in the middle of the night and waking me up to correct my high or low glucose levels. I often have nighttime lows because it is hard for my body to regulate if I am not conscious of what's happening with my body. It is very difficult because I can get very shaky, confused, dizzy, and sweaty. Diabetes is all about keeping my sugars under control 24/7, even when I am asleep. This is when the diabetic alert dog will come in handy. The dog could sense changes in my body if my sugars were going high or low 20-30 minutes before my dexcom 5G sensor or testing kit that I currently use, will. When your blood sugar drops too low or rises too high, there is a chance that it can be fatal. You can pass out, go into a coma and after a while go into full blown cardiac arrest. This could happen at any time even when not expected. The diabetic alert dog will wake up itself to wake me up and alert me that my blood sugar is not in the range that it’s supposed to be in. Getting a diabetic alert dog would not only help my health but it would also be a great companion as well for me and my family. My parents wouldn't have to worry as much about me, and the dog would become a lifelong friend. There is extensive training for the dog and me that is involved in making sure that I can keep my blood glucose levels under control, which costs a lot as I'm sure you guessed. There are many hours of training that the dog goes through so that it can help me if needed. As well as improving my health and glucose sugar levels this will also help me improve my A1C which is my average glucose level from the past 2-3 months as a percentage. In studies it is proven that for diabetics like me, having a diabetic alert dog will improve the person's A1C by a significant amount. Having and improved A1C can add years to my life and decrease the toll that diabetes can put on one's body. Please help me by raising money for a diabetic alert dog that could one day save my life!!!

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