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September 12, 2017
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I am the author and producer of two comics and two graphic novels. I have a passion for the creative arts and telling a compelling story. As a Christian, the stories I want to tell are the ones close to my heart. My dream is to turn Many of the little known stories in the Bible into graphic novels, and potentially even feature length films.

The first story I want to develop into a graphic novel can be found in 1 Samuel chapter 11.

King Nahash of the Ammonites besieged Jabesh-Gilead. The men of Jabesh offered a deal with the Ammonites that they would serve them if they were allowed to live. The ammonites said they would only accept the deal if every man of Jabesh agreed to have their right eye cut out. As a young nation with it's first king, Israel was greatly afraid. After all, the Ammononite army included the descendents the Nephilem, giant warriors of terrifying power. This was the moment that God used to establish His annointed and a nation that would change history.

This story is true history and will be told as true history. The purpose is not to be preachy about the Christian message, but rather to tell the events as they happened without downplaying God's role.

There will be 11 chapters consisting of around 22 pages each for a total page count of around 242 pages. The estimated page rates are.

Writing: $75/pg.
Pencil & Ink: $200/pg
Color: $75/pg.

Total writing + art: $84,700

Our plan is also to also self-publish so we determine where and how the book is distributed. The cost per copy on printing is between $4 - $6 depending on the quantity. Our initial print run will be approximately 5,000.

Estimated printing cost: $20,000

If we are funded over our goal, we will also develop a companion book that provides additional insight and study material for small groups and Sunday School for high school and young adults.

The talent listed below are all professional comic creators with some pretty incredible work under their belt. I have worked with them in the past and they are the perfect combination of talent needed to bring SAUL to life.

Jeremy Fiest & myself

Christian DiBari

Mike Spicer

Kel Nuttal
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