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Christians and Government is the title of a new two-part video I have produced with the help of a friend, Tim Sharp, who is a professional video producer. The subject matter involves two important issues that affect the future of our nation and our Christian liberties:  
1. Which economic system for a nation is more Biblical and more beneficial – Capitalism or Socialism? Unfortunately, a great number of millennials have been deceived into believing that Socialism is better, and they are the future of our nation.  
2. The U.S. Supreme Court recently decided in favor of Christian cake shop artist Jack Phillips. This is a significant victory for Christian business owners, and for Christians in general, but the victory is a limited one because the decision did not address certain other related issues. So the battle is not over. There are more cases of a similar nature yet to be decided.  
Christians need to have a good knowledge of the biblical basis on which we stand concerning these issues. Therefore, I have produced this video, now available on YouTube starting at the link below. After you start the video below,  
1.    Click on the word YouTube at the lower right. This will take you to the actual site.
2.    Click on my name.  
3.    Click “subscribe.”  
4.    Click “play all” over the number 8. 

Since the Supreme Court might decide soon on the other cases I mentioned above, you might want to start with Part 2: “Religious Values vs. Contemporary Demands and Government Rulings” at this link. Here too, follow the four steps listed above.

I originally taught this two-part series as a class in my church two times, each in two different groups, and in both groups we had great discussion – no heated arguments.
I hope you will help get the word out concerning this video, and would like to suggest three ways:
1. Share it with your sons and daughters since the young people are the future of our nation.
2. Present it to your church for a Bible study and discussion.
3. And/Or send the message about it to at least two other people and have them do the same.
Pray that YouTube won’t censor it as they have done to some other conservative voices. It is important also that we pray for every branch and level of our government, and for the younger generation who are the future of our nation. I’m very concerned about the future of our nation and our freedoms as Christians. I’m only one small voice, but if you can help spread the word, the impact could be great.
As for my fundraising campaign, teaching is my passion, and my current employment/ministry is usually part-time and not high income. So the extra income will help and be much appreciated. Thank you and God bless. 

Here are the individual links if ever you want to review one:
Part 1: “Biblical Economics”
Part 2: “Religious Values vs. Contemporary Demands and Government Rulings.”
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