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December 26, 2014
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This Campaign Has Ended

10 King Street Ltd. is a minority owned research firm with the plethoric task of building and enabling the African American Community through Private Sector Investment.

Unemployment rates in urban minority neighborhoods are some of the highest in the country, and they are not likely to change. Food and financial assistance from the government have not been enough to solve the unemployment problem. Aggressive strides in education/training for adults and children in urban neighborhoods has not resolved this issue. Greater access to employment opportunities through advances in transportation (e.g. more extensive bus routes) has not solved the problem. In fact, this has created enormous tension inside of neighborhoods that fight vehemently to keep urban occupants out.

The solution to high urban unemployment is not a complex one, nevertheless it remains elusive. Job creation is what's needed. 10 King Street Ltd. is seeking funds to research and implement job creation strategies for minority adults in impoverished communities. Our goal is to generate these jobs within the confines of these very communities so as to build and revitalize them into productive hubs for commerce and social/cultural growth.

We believe that the people in these communities are the keys to it's success. When everything is said and done, employment rates are directly tied to crime rates, graduation rates, and the overall success of people within a community. Help your fellow Americans to help themselves; not through more government programs; not through the same failed practices of the past; but through private investment in private industry.

Help us create jobs in the Manufacturing sector, the Education sector, Retail, Convenience Stores, Pizza Parlors, Restaurants, and so many other industries!

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This Campaign Has Ended

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