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February 20, 2017
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Her decision to dedicate her body to research and fight this horrible disease has increased the odds in favor of a real cure for Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) for all children. Now it will take a village to help us through it.  

 I called it a 'Life Assurance Plan' when I decided to store her stem cells at birth.  I had no idea why I would need them but knew it was a good idea. Today that good idea and this amazing young lady may very well be an actual cure for all who suffer from Type 1 Diabetes moving forward.   

Starting Saturday, February 25th we will fly to Florida to meet the doctors and the team to see if this is a good fit for both. 

Please read Mikayla's story below and help her become the Champion she was born to be as she leads the way to an actual cure this horrible disease for all children.

Our motto: T1D messed with the wrong kid!  #Championofherlife   

I am honored to call her my daughter. Mikayla is my hero for far to many reasons to list. However, her decision to donate her body to this research study and not accept being a victim is now at the top of my list.  She has always been a driving force in our family and quickly the community as she grew. I've always known that I was here to help coach her in some amazing path but we thought it would have to do with animals (since she was passionate about becoming a veterinarian). 
Until January...

Please know that your donation will go direct to an amazing young lady who has made the decision to donate her life to science and a team of doctors who are dedicated to find an actual cure; not a temporary fix or medical device for Type 1 Diabetes. Mikayla has the right drive and mindset and this is the doctor's 3rd trial of this type since 2008.  If you'd like information on the trials please contact us or see the University of Florida's Diabetes Institute.  

Mikayla's story:
...Until January her biggest fear in life was to get her TDAP shot for Junior High. January 25-27th she lost almost 23 lbs in those 2 days and was in and out of consicousness. I watched her body shrivel up and take the form of a skeleton in a matter of hours. My beautiful, strong, athletic daughter was so weak her older brother and I were afraid to pick her up in fear of breaking a bone. We were terrified!  He handled the 911 call like a champion and we hit our knees to ask for God not to take her from us. We carried her to my bed in the event she passed away waiting for the paramedics.

Type 1 Diabetes is horrible. Sure, I've seen the videos at the JDRF fundraisers and been aware that it is different than Type 2 Diabetes for over 20 years. I've even donated my time and money to JDRF since the 90's but NOTHING prepared me for what I saw or experienced, as we were loaded into the ambulance heading for the pediatric ICU in a panic to save her life. 

There are 2 directions one can go at a moment like this. 
'Victim Mode' or 'Champion Mode'. Mikayla felt defeated and her beautiful strong drive was gone while she was in Pediatric ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for a week. We still have medical emergency's often. She has decided to be a Champion of her life and not let circumstances hold her back.   Today she is back to being an athlete and that has intensified our struggle even more at times.

Her biggest fear before January 2016 was a simple shot for Junior High School. Today she pokes herself over 20 times a day to stay alive. Dizzy spells, energy imbalance, blood sugar counts vary hundreds of points daily, and emotions sometimes run high as we consider if we need to rush to the hospital or not with each emergency. Some nights I sleep sitting by her bed to make sure she doesn't pass in the night.  We need a Diabetes dog but haven't found a program yet. 

Just 2 short weeks after her diagnosis she told me to find a research study to participate in. She wanted to fight for all of the children who suffer like she does.   

I've submitted an application to the University of Florida's Diabetes Institute for her to be considered for an upcoming 2 year long research study that was on target to start the summer of 2016. It is now FDA approved!  

Now we are all in fast-track interviews and fundraising mode to get started. She is one of a handful in the world that can be considered for this study due to her circumstances and stem cells.

Your donations are needed for uncovered medical costs, travel, helping her mother care for her in emergencies, appointments with experts out of the area, medication, treatment options, nutrients, fitness, and to see doctors that are not covered by insurance. 

 Please consider being one of the angels who help her as she takes a stand against accepting the 'norm' of needles and futures filled with major medical issues and amputations. Help her /us fights for a cure for all who suffer with Type 1 Diabetes.    

We will update this page often when the study starts.

This is a first step in asking for help. If you have resources or information that you feel we should know please share. There is not enough hours in a day for 1 person to do all necessary.

Thank you so much for your consideration, for spreading the word, and your generosity.

Sincerely grateful and humble,
Jennifer Mikayla and Nathan 
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