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April 07, 2015
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This Campaign Has Ended
April 8th, 2015

looks like we might get to move to the regular inpatient floor tonight or tomorrow depending on some x-rays and blood work. His normal self is peeking through occasionally today and we finally got the first smile out of him! doctors are hopeful we are heading in the right direction

I apologize this is long but PLEASE read:

On Saturday April 4th we stopped at a friend's house to make homemade soap and everything went terribly wrong!  When making homemade soap you have to use liquid lye. The lye had been mixed and put outside behind a closed door. My 2-year old Liam escaped out the dog door silently and quickly, and within seconds he was in the house screaming with chemical burns on his face and in his mouth. On the back of the bottle it stated "if ingested to drink water and call physician"... But moments later he started puking up blood.

We immediately started driving to the hospital and called 911, and an ambulance picked us up and took us to Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, and within 30 minutes they placed us on a Flight for Life to Children's Hospital Colorado. Little did we know that you are NOT supposed to ingest ANY water because it makes lye foam and spread.

They immediately took him in to do a scope to see the damage done, and it was very bad. His esophagus and stomach are extremely damaged.  We were admitted into the pediatric intensive care unit where we will be for at least the next 3 weeks. There is a high possibility of his stomach or esophagus perforating and requiring extensive surgery. His doctors said worst case enough internal bleeding or septic shock that it could cause permanent and severe damage, possibly death.

He will be on a feeding tube for at least the next year, if not longer.  We will be seeing doctors for at least the next 5 years having to get his esophagus stretched from scar tissue so that he can continue to breath and eventually start consuming food by mouth.

Currently my husband is 1,500 miles away in Seattle working. I was supposed to be here with Liam and our 7-month old finishing our house so that we could follow in a month.  At the end of this month, Liam loses health insurance because his Dad now makes $400 more dollars a month than what qualifies him for state health insurance. Our house sits untouched and empty with no work being done because the small amount of money we had set aside to fix it to be able to sell it, has now had to go to unexpected expenses in relocating Liam and I to Children's Hospital.

I am looking for help to cover the cost of some of his medical bills that we will soon be paying out of pocket, as well as any help we can get to finish our house so Liam and I can get to Seattle to be with his daddy and baby brother as soon as possible. Volunteer help in fixing the house is also much appreciated. Every penny counts right now and I know not everyone has money to spare.

I appreciate your thoughts and prayers for this little tough 2-year old to become the happy healthy little boy he was just days ago.

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This Campaign Has Ended

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