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Presentation of the iPhone 7: new devices for Apple always

The company presented today in San Francisco its main innovations of the year, with the advantage of 'puncture' the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Apple CEO Tim Cook, in a file image. EFE / COUNTRY VIDEO 
A new iPhone and some other surprises. Apple sends tradition. Always leave a space to recover the initial magic and make an additional launch. At 10 am San Francisco (seven p.m., Spanish CET) the auditorium Bill Graham, an old space based in the Town Hall Square concerts, will open its doors to unveil the new Apple this year. Tim Cook, five years after taking the reins of Apple , return back to the stage to tell what has already been leaked abundant and rich way in details in recent days. From a few hours earlier, the country will publish a chronic live to follow and analyze in detail all that count the most anticipated Apple event.

The CEO will play at home with attendee list chosen by them without questions. It's his event and is its script. Is expected to refer, as happened during the controversy over the iPhone Terrorist San Bernardino, to the latest news, Samsung and Ireland. With the outbreak battery Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its output to the frozen market, Apple It has reason to look at the competition in the rearview mirror, but also for concern after the 13,000 million euros that Brussels claims in respect of taxes dissatisfied .

The CEO will play at home with attendee list chosen by them without questions

Almost certainly the iPhone in July , the name is still not official, it is assumed that the more modest version no longer have 16 gigabytes of memory, but 32 or 64. Also the two sizes will remain, but there will be no distinction as his photographic ability. So far the Plus models had mechanical stabilizer video.

In addition to a new processor, will have a new photo system and better battery. They will finally waterproof and dust, but falls continue to count as high risk activity, since the frame does not change. Apple maintains a design too vulnerable.

Without headphone jack?

Since the beginning of leaks about this new mobile, moreover, it was assumed that would remove the headphone plug. Buying Beats you have to make sense beyond use as a trademark for your radio . Although the Beats brand is diluted as headsets, it does fit they have used their technology to improve models that come standard when you buy the phone and have created a system of wireless transmission itself, outside the normal bluetooth. At the same time, it is very strange that in May 2014 to invest 3,000 million dollars to buy headphones pop stars and athletes. It will be difficult to explain to the faithful who acquired the bulky models of the famous Beats why some devices whose price exceeds $ 300 now is not compatible with the new phone.
In the last hours have begun to appear on the Internet boxes to save Eardpods cases, wireless headphones whose load would be through the cover itself.

In the chapter of surprises could be precisely one of the hallmarks of tabletófono Samsung, his pencil. It is contemplated as a possibility that Apple includes in the mobile major screen as it does with the iPad Pro.

A new watch

During the Apple developer conference in June, he showed how the software would be the new watch. Allow more independent of the iPhone, the more successful in the aspect of welfare and sport. They claim that most suits the lifestyle of each client. A year ago they presented new models bracelet. It would not be unreasonable that a regeneration clock with battery and better communication with the mobile might show.

And make predictions made, like most likely disappear headphone plug, so will soon, but not this supposed version, the watch crown. Apple designs its products following analogies with the physical world. So in iBooks books pages are passed as if they were pages of paper, imitating the gesture. It's what the world use interfaces is called esqueumorfismo. It serves to use it without having to learn something new, using the knowledge acquired previously, but temporarily. The simplicity in design rules. Apple always has been less. It's a matter of time.

a regeneration clock with battery and better communication with mobile display

Another expected change is the renewal of laptops. The MacBook Pro, the most powerful of the range, would benefit from new processors and a chassis that could have an upper programmable touch. Very convenient for video editors and lovers of Photoshop, two public targets Apple. The MacBook Air, lighter, has been waiting for a redesign. also fall within the expected new chapter, but to capture interesting offers on the previous model or a step up with a new purchase.

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Despite the many leaks, when and how, date to market and price, you will only know when Cook begins with the deployment of new features.
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