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Google Play has so many applications and games that it can get us busy for a long period of time. In the past we saw the best games of 2015 according to Google , now play the best games to play with your comrades .

Currently we live in the era where videogames succeed, and more if they can be shared with friends. Have a multiplayer option has become almost indispensable in any title that aspires to succeed. It is clear that a well-made story is enjoyed, but also keep in mind that the fun is multiplied by playing with other people.

To do this, here we bring nine multiplayer games you should try to have a good time with your mates:

Questions and answers
Asked, a great challenge for your knowledge

Questioned is considered one of the best applications to challenge your friends to a battle of knowledge and see who knows more about any topic. The system is simple, you can challenge anyone through your username.

When playing, we will face a roulette that turn selects the theme , where you can find questions ranging from history and science to sports or movies. If we answer the questions, they will not give us the crown of the theme. To achieve victory, we must get all the crowns and keep them all simultaneously.

Google Play | Questioned (Free)

Adventure RPG
EvoCreo, the essence Pokémon in your smartphone

EvoCreo is the perfect game for all fans of Pokémon that are waiting arrives Pokémon Go, the first game of the series for smartphones , which we saw earlier.

It is very typical that in Android are used emulators to run games of this style, but if you are one of those who prefer games completely adapted to the platform, EvoCreo is one of the best options, if not the best. The system is the same as always, our goal is to become the best Evoker the world , starting as a complete stranger. But in the multiplayer section, we can fight against players from other platforms and confront them with more than 130 different creatures. Therefore, it becomes a game more than recommended.

Google Play | EvoCreo (1.10 euros) Google Play | EvoCreo Lite (Free)

Tic Tac Toe Online, the three in line for Android

Tic Tac Toe Online is a game we all know, though perhaps with the name of Tic Tac Toe . This application is perfect for free time in which we do not have much to do, you can play against a bot or an online player.

One of the advantages in multiplayer with friends is the ability to connect via bluetooth with someone close , can avoid spending data rates.

Google Play | Tic Tac Toe Online (Free)

Comuniame, the Comunio of the winners

Comuniame is an application based on Comunio, but polishing fine details that go weak in it. Besides, you can play in the web browser, being able to connect from several devices. A strong point is the fact that you can import your league Comunio active and continue here.

It works as follows: a league is created, players are added and each will form a team of real players, who will receive points in relation to their performance in matches with their respective teams. The goal is to win the league, having more points than the opponent , besides we also make signings to improve our campus.

Google Play | Comuniame (Free)

Asphalt 8, the most frenetic races

Asphalt 8 is one of the best deliveries possibly is the best known racing game in Google Play . Its main point in favor is gratuitousness, thing that unfortunately we can not see in all the other versions of the game.

With a high frenzy in the races that are held and the ability to earn coins to spend on upgrades or new cars, we can enjoy a good single player and a good multiplayer mode . Among the racing modalities we find available are: classic, face-to-face, elimination, skidding, infection and knockdowns.

If you want more information about this great game, in Andro4All we have analyzed the Asphalt 8 and its last major update .

Google Play | Asphalt 8 (Free)

Clash of Clans, wars between villages

Clash of Clans , what of it, is one of the most downloaded in the history of Android to be for many, plays an essential in any mobile gamer . Given the number of players you have around the world (which is no small), we can find an incredible community in the multiplayer.

The user must build a community, train troops and cast spells to attack other players online or to a player's campaigns against the goblins. The goal is simple: to attack, get resources and improve your base . A good point with which we can enjoy much with our friends are clans, clusters of bases of different users with which they will carry out wars before other clans.

Google Play | Clash of Clans (Free)

Guess the song! Show that you know about music.

Guess the song! Is the perfect complement to friends' meetings where good music is heard. Show your colleagues who know more about music than them, you must identify the names of the songs you hear . 2 player mode is perfect for a pique with colleagues , comparing scores.

The best part of this application is in its large library of songs , where we can find everything from the latest hits to the successes of the 70 or best rock history. Now you only need to download it and show your friends who is the one who knows the most about music.

Google Play | Guess the song! (Free)

Uno and friends, to play cards between colleagues

UNO & Friends , the popular card game UNO, in its digital version and for all. Accounts championships and couples or single custom games to play with friends you want.

It has features like collaborate face friends or sharing objects , which will need a login on social networks like Facebook or Google Plus. To be able to play we will have to use some chips that will be recharged over time or paying. Besides, you can customize from decks to bottom through coins you earn during your games.
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