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16 Art and Design Websites 16oct08

Every artist has ever met with the syndrome of the blank page, that lack of inspiration that leaves us for a moment terrified without knowing where to start.

We have several Web Design Communities, where we can turn to motivate ourselves and look for ideas and inspiration when we are lacking (besides being able to upload and share our works).

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They are places that drive creativity and motivate you for design and art

We are going to give a review for these webs among which is, of course, our dear deviantART. It is a brief review so that you can discover them for yourselves.

There are 16, if anyone knows any more, worthy of mention, do not hesitate to contribute it for the knowledge of all.

Bëhance Network

An interesting website showing creative portfolios, projects and collaborations.
With a web navigation system to see the most commented, most viewed, most favorite, etc. work. And all the news of the day ... with a follow up of the galleries similar to the one that takes deviantART and a corner for recommendations and advice to be exchanged.

But it has an interesting additive and is a section where job offers and opportunities as a freelance are shown. To keep in mind!!!     


DeviantART does not need presentation for many of us.

As an advantage over the previous one is its good organization by categories (Digital Art, Traditional, Photography etc ... covering a wide range of them and the interesting novelty of dA film.

DeviantART would also highlight its community spirit and how it fosters relationships among its users, in an almost familiar climate. It is certainly my weakness !!


Flickr is a well-known place, although it only covers photography and video works.
It has a search system by tags and also has a blog where it updates with all its news.

It has an option to edit the photos and save them from there.  

Computer love

It has 600,000 monthly visits. It is a social platform where to share and work together with recognized creative talents.
It also promotes job search and each account provides an engine for networking  


This has another system where what is given is access to the personal page of each artist, is much more personalized and without a common design.
It is like a database of personal web pages of various artists.  


Portfolios and Jobs for Creative Artists You can browse for designers by different categories or by searching for jobs according to the assigned tags
It has a magazine presented in flash format where it is showing the work of the designers

It also provides resources and tutorials and encourages the job search by presenting offers that users also contribute.

Creative binge

This is simpler, you can browse through the designers or through the works exposed in general
It has access to several forums for users to participate and a blog, but in itself, is much simpler than the previous ones. Lack of resources      


It is very useful and agile search, even with a filter for advanced searches, in addition the menu is updated continuously showing the last uploaded in the day.
Good promotion of employment and very well organized everything for your navigation.      

We heart it

With an interface similar to Flickr, it is also a website for showing photography and video, although simpler.      
The Raster group

It seems that there has been a non-operative time, and that now it returns to the activity.
Its slogan is: "The raster group, redefining art in digital culture"

It presents periodically a selection of works in what they call chapters, and with them is given access to the personal page of each author.

It is a portfolio to show joint works by different artists, but without more content.       


An international art collective focused on modern and abstract art, also incorporating design, photography, audio and animation.
A showcase for the best in modern craftsmanship, seeking to move the boundaries of digitally created or improved art.      


A wide variety of categories to organize and show work, make searching much easier.
Created in 2006, its idea is to keep the images and videos of each user in the forefront, with a variety of tools to change how to display them       


Defined in its slogan as a community for creative minds, it covers a wide spectrum of artistic disciplines including music, which in the previous ones is not contemplated.
It is the most complete, as it also includes interviews with some of the artists, the possibility of creating individual profiles, group profiles, galleries, studies ...

One section for publications, another for interesting links.

It also has its own design line of T-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, etc.

A web highly recommended.       

Design you trust

Design, photography and video. Trends, news, events ... All this collected in this community blog where to show your Art
Interface similar to Flickr       


It has an interesting proposal for the search by colors.
You can search by category, by tags or by color

It also provides articles of interest.

It aims to deliver to each visitor the latest and coolest of Art and Design in a clear and uncomplicated way, or excessive decorations.

A place of support for the growing number of designers and artists.    


It has a very attractive interface and the information about each specific artist is more accessible. Very intuitive navigation  
As I was browsing all these websites I was asked the question of what is what each Artist would like to be implemented in them.

Know what it is that everyone values ​​more in a web, when it comes to publishing their works or when they are looking at others.

It would be interesting to leave suggestions to be able to take into account these improvements to add or know to extract from each page their best points to conform our website Design ideal. Maybe someone will listen to us and take them into account !! ;)

I look forward to your cooperation. Regards!!!

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