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Although the summer is still seen in a distant scenario, the truth is that bridges begin to animate our work calendar, in addition to Holy Week. In addition, the more foresighted already begin to organize their summer holidays in order to get in advance the best market prices.

However, when we start planning, one of the big headaches comes when it comes to adjusting the budget , and getting cheap flights (especially if you are going to make international trips or intend to travel to 'trendy' places). ) seems like a utopia as the weeks go by.

Price comparators, flight meta-search engines, offers that try to catch us from a thousand and one 'banners' to which only missing luminous signs, 'newsletters' and 'mailing' campaigns of each and every one of the airlines with which ever in our life we ​​have flown, the indications of your best friend and your co-worker recommending a new 'low cost' that promises 'bargains' if you sacrifice your luggage, special seasonal discounts of the 'lifelong' airlines ... It is true that the offer on flights has increased exponentially in recent years, and the possibilities are many and very diverse. However, if all this you search through Google ... why do not you use Google directly to get your flight?

How does Google Flights work? Practical tricks to take advantage of

Google Flights is a great unknown that, however, offers very competitive prices to get cheap flights. For the user, the mechanics of this tool can not be simpler, since you only have to enter the departure and destination points, the dates and give 'intro', but it is once our selection is made based on our preferences when the improved algorithm of Google puts to work all the machinery of 'big data' at our service.

How to buy cheap flights with these Google Flights tricks

You can customize parameters such as scales, price ranges, companies (if the flight has WiFi, what kind of entertainment on board, if there is a plug in each seat ...), schedules, interests or duration of the flight .
The search engine of Google Flights analyzes the price history of the chosen route and if we activate the notification of the price variation , it alerts us when the price of a specific route will go up, and consequently, when it is better to book that trip , so that it is the user who makes the purchasing decision based on contrasted data , making sure that he obtains the cheapest possible rate.
It allows that at the moment of selecting a determined flight the system alerts us of possible cheaper prices if it leaves in days near the predicted one and it suggests us when to buy the tickets according to the route and the date of the trip
Google Flights can also become our 'travel agent', recommending destinations based on our preferences and interests, the experience we seek and, of course, the price, since it will show us a comparison between several destination points of the same region. In addition, the 'I'm lucky' option is available , which will make the search engine choose your next destination based on your Google search history.
We can be guided by the suggestions of the 'best flights' box, which shows us the options that present the best price-duration-services ratio. A kind of "if I were you, I would choose this" ...
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