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Test: Why the iPhone 7 Plus Apple is less exciting than expected

 28.09.2016 at 14:55
Apple iPhone 7 Plus

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus
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Pierre FONTAINE | Managing editor to follow on Pierre FONTAINE email
We were expecting much in the picture, it is not perfect on the same issue if it progresses. His design, he is aging. Still, the interface is still good, while the power is improving.

THE OPINION OF 01NET.COM Apple iPhone 7 Plus
+ Screen
+ Power
+ Photo
- Aging Design
- Still perfectible Autonomy

Note updated on 07.27.2016 
published the rating 9/28/2016

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4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
Large, wide, heavy. Too much ? Perhaps. The third generation of large screen iPhone (5.5 inches) loses weight - four grams - but retains the same dimensions. The design, which still seems to suit well to the iPhone 7 , resulting in a too heavy object on the iPhone 7 Plus. Especially if one takes a look at what the market offers. For comparison, the Galaxy S7 Edge , which displays a screen of the same size is less high, less wide, and hardly thicker.

IPhone 7 Plus Size S7 vs Edge Create your own infographics
The only real differences with the iPhone 6s Plus are the one hand, the kind of small extrusion on the back of the casing, which surrounds the lens and reinforces a slightly mineral aspect and unibody, and secondly, Touch the button now haptic ID. If we did not have trouble to pass it quickly, some of our colleagues are sometimes a little more pain and had to play with the settings back to find one that suited them best. Also note that this haptic feedback does not work, sometimes when the iPhone is placed on some surfaces. Strange.

Apple-iPhone-7-plus-bouton.jpg / Lionel Morillon - The new Touch ID button is pressed more, it offers haptic feedback.
In short, the careful reader will be understood, also be treated as its finish and design, the iPhone 7 Plus begins to ask some attention, renewal. This is not only an ergonomic issue - the little tricks Apple allow roughly to use with one hand - but rather an aesthetic impression. So subjective?

Apple-iPhone-7-plus-face.jpg / Lionel Morillon - The design of the iPhone 7 Plus suffers a bit wide borders compared to the competition.
A gilded screen

What is not subjective, however, is radically improving the quality of the LED panel used. The OLED is still not in the agenda but Apple has managed to greatly improve the screen of his iPhone. This is evident from the outset to the naked eye, even if the colors and blacks do not have the liveliness and depth of AMOLED. However, the screen of the iPhone 7 Plus is very bright (we measured 616 cd / m2) and displays an impressive contrast ratio to 1502: 1. Colors are also more pleasant, more nuanced, with more detailed contrasts. Watch a movie, play a video or an ebook is no problem and always proves to be as comfortable. Apple has found a good way to make us wait another year ... even if we stay with the definition Full HD.

buy iphone 7
Autonomy, the best and the worst

The presence of a brighter display could fear a decrease of autonomy. Or, precisely, into a versatile autonomy, which simulates a multiplicity of intensive use, the iPhone 7 Plus takes longer than 6s Plus: 8:09 against 7:48. For comparison, the Galaxy S7 reaches 1:13 p.m. in the event, with a battery of 3500 mAh.

It is then said that the integration of a more durable battery in the iPhone 7 Plus, 2900 mAh against 2750 mAh for 6s Plus has done its job. However, our tests show that communication iPhone in 2016 is slowing faster than the iPhone 2015: 3:21 p.m. 7:37 p.m. against. The S7 stops him ... after 23h.

iphone 7
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