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Mangastream will stop publishing the Sleeves of the Shounen Jump [VIZ Media]

Mangastream stop publishing the sleeves of Shounen Jump [VIZ Media] 
News MangaStream 
stop translate the series of Shounen Jump. This includes manga Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Katekyo 
Hitman Reborn, Hunter x Hunter and Claymore.
Viz Media 
has asked to cease their translations, so this will inevitably 
affect the output of the chapters the following week, and slow down for 
hours or even for days. We will see that fansub out to supply them , understand that 
sees ... rsiones of MangaStream we relied most fansub in 
Spanish and was MangaStream who usually had chapters before anybody else 
(in English). Among other things, they were editions of their RAW's (scans 
Japanese) which used many fansubs.
To go 
preparing for next week. There is NO exact day from here to 
the publication of the trio shounen jump. Evidentemnete will some scanlation to 
take the place of MangaStream. Mangazone could be, but is intermittent in 
its publications ..
Note - Prior 
to MangaStream we used to have chapters trio shounen jump the 

MangaStream statement: Dear follower MangaStream 
is with great sadness that I make the following announcement. MangaStream no longer continue to issue scans of the following series 
- Naruto 
- Bleach 
- One Piece 
- Hunter x Hunter 
- Reborn 
- Claymore 
- D.Gray-man 
VIZ Media has demanded that we finish our work scanlation of the above. 
This is despite our best efforts to persuade fans to support official distributors in addition to being the only group to consistently prevent the formation of a file on your website by removing chapters that have more than a couple of weeks. They have managed to cause discomfort to the community because their digital magazine has lost the mark; Have several products but only 3 are important from the above series. As long as your product remains slow, awkward and somewhat lower than a group of donnadies you can perform out in a few hours - fans will continue to look for scanlation groups and aggregators for their weekly dosage. 
The aggressive and ever-increasing nature of its threats have forced the hand in the elimination of the content. MangaStream will no longer publish full scanlations for any of the aforementioned series, instead we focus our efforts on the other series that we do and are not licensed by VIZ Media (you can assume everything currently in our directory will continue) . 
Our final message to our audience loyal to the JUMP will be as follows: Thank you for your support during the past two years and make Mangastream your home away from home. It has been a pleasure to share our time with fans who were as passionate and dedicated as we are. 
Although MangaStream will no longer have any of the Jump series, if it is something our fan group is interested in, considering that we are taking advantage of our connections to bring you good summaries, spoiler form for the JUMP chapters as soon as possible . We know this is not much, but I hope it can whet the appetite until dozens of aggregators deliberate the official JUMP chapters on Wednesday. 

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ATTENTION: The Manga Naruto if you continue to publish on this website, the seriesnot just yet ... but to come to us will take longer than we usedexpect as mangastream was translating the sleeves Japanese to English and from those scans and translations the Latin fansubs used it to translate them to SPANISH. So sooner or later we're going to read the manga, we'll just have to wait a little longer than normal for an English release to translate into Spanish, just be patient ...

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