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June 24, 2015
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This Campaign Has Ended
July 27th, 2015

A huge thank you to whoever did this! This leaves a balance of $1244 with my doctor to be paid. Our goal is to have it fully paid off by the end of August so that I can shift my focus towards paying for the other $5000 of care that went on my insurance deductible. 

July 16th, 2015

This picture brings me to tears. The pic on the left was taken on June 2nd, just a few days after the initial stem cell injections. The pic on the right was taken on July 15th, one week after the first set of PRP injections. THE STEM CELLS ARE WORKING!!!!! Excuse me while I cry for a minute... This process has been so trying. The pain every day (and night) is excruciating. I used to describe my pain by how many bees stings it felt like on a scale of 100-1000. That's freakin kid stuff compared to this. New nerves and regenerated nerves feel EVERYTHING. But this picture gives me hope and proof that it's all worth it. Every tear. Every whence of pain. Every time I grit my teeth just to get through the day. Every sleepless night. Every unpaid medical bill (still owe $1500 for the stem cell procedure). Every time I have to say no to my nieces and nephews because I hurt too much. Every experience I've had to miss. Losing the last 5 years of my life to this THING. The pain I am enduring right now with this treatment is nothing compared to the joy I will have when my leg is finally healed.
July 4th, 2015

Hey y'all! I'm super happy to report that the stem cells appear to be working! The wound is very slowly beginning to close. I am dealing with a lot of pain because I am growing new nerves and regenerating dead nerves, but at least I know I'm healing! The doctor's office is really pushing me to pay off the remaining $1500 on my account for the procedure that's been done. In addition to this, I haven't even started paying towards my $5000 deductible. Your donations will go a long ways towards getting those bills paid so that I can continue receiving proper care. In addition to making a donation, you can purchase Avon from me at Thanks!
Meet Amy, she's not just my best friend and roomate, she's so much more! 

She's a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, intercessor, fearless warrior, support person, artist, student, teacher, singer, prayer, Kingdom liver, designer, activist, counselor, dog-mom, fighter, defender, fortress for the weak, inspiration, feminist, motivator, event coordinator, writer, and most importantly a Mighty Princess Daughter of the Most High and our Sister in Christ.

Chances are if you know Amy personally, she has probably at the very LEAST prayed for you. If you ever needed prayer or just a non judgemental shoulder to cry on she's probably been there for that. 

Amy was one of the first people who I ever met who truly embraced the call to "love the lost, just as Jesus did." She didn't care that I was a wild mess she just LOVED me back to life and showed me who Jesus REALLY was, she helped me learn about the LOVE OF CHRIST and what being a Christian is REALLY about. Over the years I've watched her give time and time again of herself to help people that many others have no interest in even associating with. I've watched her take people into her home (including me and trust me that wasn't easy) to help them break the chains of addiction and not expect a thing in return. One might wonder why she would be willing to step up and help a complete stranger? a drug addict? a victim of abuse? A non believer? Because that is what WE are called to do as FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST. We aren't called to just comfortably exist, we are called to be RADICAL AND BOLD! We are called to love and support each other, pray for one another and lift one another up in times of trouble as Christ did. And now we are given an opportunity to BE A BLESSING to one who has blessed so many, and help a sister who has touched so many of our lives, given something to each and every one of us, please join me in giving back to a beautiful soul who's done so much for somany! 


Some of you already know about the sheer torment Amy has endured for the past 5 years due to the wound on her leg. For those of you who don't I'm going to fill you in with the Reader's Digest version....

What started as a small venous rupture has since grown into a large and very painful open wound on her lower leg. When most people rate their pain on a 1-10 scale, Amy has always described her pain level to me in "hundreds of bee stings" for example one day it could hurt like 600 beestings another only 250 beestings and yet another 950 beestings, my point best friend has been in excruciating pain for FIVE YEARS...and WITHOUT the use of narcotic pain medication I might add. 

A year ago she had a skin graft done and for a short time, her pain level subsided. But before long circumstances led to the graft deteriorating and the wound opened back up so once again my best friend is in an unbearable amount of pain, but there is HOPE! !! 

Amy was recently referred to a new doctor who discussed a new treatment method with her that will be using her own stem cells from her body to help the wound heal and tissue to regenerate. When he showed her the presentation and the videos of the process, it is EXACTLY what many of us have seen or heard the Lord say about how her leg was going to be healed (she was able to watch patient progress videos that showed the actual regeneration.) GREAT NEWS RIGHT?!? 

it really is, but here's the issue:

While Amy DOES HAVE health insurance, she also has a $5000 deductible that she must pay out of pocket before they pay anything toward her medical bills. Additionally, her insurance did not cover this new stem cell therapy that could very well be her ticket to having a normal life again where simply moving or even being still doesn't cause her pain. So with the $5000 deductible and the $5000 stem cell procedure, she now has $10,000 in medical bills, along with the ongoing monthly expenses of caring for the wound while it is healing. She has started selling Avon and is working tirelessly as a freelance graphic designer in addition to her day job to pay for these expenses. So far, $3500 has been paid, which leaves a balance of $6500.


Amy has always had a saying about things like this, "God, if it's your will, it's your bill. " In other words when He is in it, He will provide a way.

God is so good I just KNOW the right people will see this post and feel led to give. What I would ask you to do is this: PRAY about it and if you feel led to donate financially, please do, every little bit counts! If you feel the Lord is leading you to give something other than a financial gift and rather partnering with us in prayer, please do that instead! What ever you feel God is leading you to do here too be involved with Amy's road to restoration be it a financial contribution, a commitment to pray, words of inspiration and love, emotional support...WHATEVER you are being led to give please know it will be greatly appreciated. 

I'm standing on this verse today:
"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." - Philippians 4:19

Be blessed friends, may love and joy be over flowing in your lives! 

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