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Optifine is a mod become almost indispensable allowing to optimize Minecraft to improve your FPS for small configurations. In addition to optimizing your game, it incorporates some interesting features like integration resource pack HD as well as shaders visually enhancing your game.


Optifine features and options:
Below you will find all the optifine options that you will also find in-game in order to best configure your game.

Display or hide characteristics of Optifine
The FPS boost ( examples ):

Double usually the FPS of your game
Decreases lag peaks and makes your game fluid.
Support for HD resource pack:

HD textures and HD fonts.
The texture of the grounds as well as the objects
The animations of the grounds
The width of the HD write font
Custom colors
Custom light
The unlimited size of the textures.
Support for shaders:

Based on the model of Kayronix.
Dynamic light:

Allows to emit light around an object
Similar but unrelated mod Dynamic Lights .
Distance made variable ( examples ):

Variable rendering distance from small to extreme in increments of 16 meters.
The sun, moon and stars are visible in tiny and short mode.
The lighting ( examples ):

Of 1% without any shadow
To 100% with all the shadows.
Performance: VSync:

Synchronizes the framerate with the refresh rate of the screen to remove split images and allows a smooth play.
Smart OpenGL Advanced:

More efficient: fewer artefacts
Fast: Faster, some artifacts remain visible
Fancy: Slower, avoids visual artefacts
Control of the fog:

Fog: Fancy, Fast, OFF
Visual of fog: Near, far
Mipmaps ( examples ):

Softens objects and textures from afar.
Mipmap level: off, 1, 2, 3, max
Mimap Type: Closest, Linear
Anisotropic filter ( examples ):

Restores details in textures mimapped
Level AF: Off, x2, x4, x8, x16
Antialiasing ( examples ):

Contour smoothing and sharper color transition
AA level: OFF, 2, 4, 6, 8 12, 16
Grass Enhancement:

Add the grass texture to the side of the blocks or there is already grass.
Improved snow ( examples ): 

Corrects the texture of the blocks so that it corresponds to the snow biome.
Improving water ( examples ):

Improves water transparency and improves underwater visibility.
The random mobs:

Allows resource packs to add a variety of skin for the same mob.
Connected textures ( examples ):

Allows to connect textures for glass, windows, blocks, sandstone and libraries side by side
Natural textures ( examples ):

Removes the repetitive side of the blocks side by side using alternative textures
Control of the SPF:

FPS Smooth: Stabilizes the FPS by emptying the buffer of the graphics driver
Chunks loading control:

Long loading: Allows to load the remote chunks which allows when you change chunk that this is faster.
Preloaded Chunks: Defines an area in which no chunk will be loaded.
Chunks updated frame by frame: Allows you to load your world faster
Dynamic Update: Allows you to load more chunk per frame when the player is still.
Configurable details:

Clouds: default, low, high
Cloud Height: from 0% to 100%
Trees: by default, low, high
Grass: default, low, high
Water: default, low, high
Rain and Snow: by default, low, high
Sky: ON, OFF
Stars: ON, OFF
Sun and Moon: ON, OFF
Fog: ON, OFF
Weather: ON, OFF
Swamp Color: ON, OFF
Softened Biomes: ON, OFF
Customizable Fonts: ON, OFF
Customizable colors: ON, OFF
Capes: ON, OFF (support for HD capes)
Configurable animations:

Animation of water: ON, Dynamic, OFF
Lava Animation: ON, Dynamic, OFF
Animation of the fire: ON, OFF
Animation of the portal: ON, OFF
Animation of the redstone: ON, OFF
Explosions: ON, OFF
Animation of the flames: ON, OFF
Smoke animation: ON, OFF
Particle animation: ON, OFF
Animation of water particles: ON, OFF
Rain Splash Animations: ON, OFF
Animations of the gate particles: ON, OFF
Animations of the drops of water and lava: ON, OFF
Animations of the ground: ON, OFF
Object animations: ON, OFF
Quick switching of the resource pack:

Change resource pack without leaving your game.
Resolution in full screen:

Allows you to configure the resolution of your game in full screen
Time control:

This mode works only in creative mode and allows you to choose between day and night.
Automatic backup:

Allows you to configure automatic backups
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