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The next day, they were both "exhausted." Probably because of his race on Black Friday. It is now 12/4 and my command is still "processing". Counting the day I place my order, it was 12 days of "treatment" with a holiday and a weekend in between. I'm pretty sure that with the holidays and black Friday in the middle, my order will probably take more than a month or more to send. I see several negative comments about your shipment, but I give some hope because the (most likely) most busy request. I would also like to point out that my order contains a high quality receiver that say it can take "up to 15 days" to pass "processing" to "sent" - that is "sent", not "received" So I expect more than one expected. Again, PSA does not waste time immediately taking my $ 550 + dollars after making the order, which seems to be the norm. I do not understand why my ammo and optics I asked could not be sent separately from the receiver (which is apparently the question that holds the whole show) - I have seen several people writing elsewhere than their Orders are separated to buy things like ammunition and receivers. Of course, even if they are sent separately, it still took more than 12 days. I can only hope that this is the only problem I like to send something new to them and waiting for an exchange would take even more surely. 3/5 simply because it seems that all firearms retailers take an eternity to send anything; Apparently, the PSA is in the lower end of the cylinder shipping service. 12.06.16 Edition: My order finally went from "process" to "complete" and I received an email confirmation of shipping with tracking links. Follow the links still not to anything; Most likely because they just sent ... Since it takes 7-8 business days since I ordered to send, can not really ask for more than one company with a bad reputation for processing some orders. Yes, in fact it took about 14 days to leave the facility, but when Thanksgiving, Black Friday and two weekends are taken into account, it really is not that bad. My advice: Wait for sales or "daily offers" from PSA that do not fall around the holidays and be patient. "This review was written by Raulmenendez1887 on December 6, 2016 12:55:36 PM report Cool000 Avatarorbit639 No opinion 2/101/5 2016-11-101st and last purchase" bought a kit of parts lower 10/31 . After 5 days of my order processing status, I decided to call. I was told that if no early ship to call back. After 3 e-mails (which never responded) and many phone calls, they finally told me 11 days later they made an inventory error and my product is in stock. They offered to let me go back to a trigger that had no interest or refund. I told them I would be in touch when I made my decision. This morning I woke up to an email saying my order was canceled. I called to find out why and all he said was "sorry". I will never buy anything from PSA no matter how good the offer sounds. "This review has been modified by orbit639 on November 10, 2016 18:42:55 helpful Cool000 Avatarbradcranford19 No .. Rating 4/102/5 2016-10-13Coupon Cheats" I just made a purchase in the new Palmetto State Armory at Summerville SC. I had a coupon for $ 10 on a purchase of $ 50 or more, but the cashier would only take $ 9 and change the purchase price. He said it was because their computers were "messy". In addition, it seems to have many people who work there do not know much about the products of the shop. **** Sports items should not lose a lot of business to PSA in Summerville. "Avatartpinto Rating 2/101/5 2016-10-12Teprible experience of Cool000 tpinto with state of palmetto armory" Arsenal Palmetto State (803) 724-6950Info@palmettostatearmory.comI orders with Palmetto State Armory on August 4, 2016. The parts I ordered were listed as "in stock" on the site. After five days, I sent an email requesting the status of my order. I did not receive a reply to my email. I ended up sending four more emails between August 9 and 11 unanswered. Meanwhile, I also tried to call every day. I looked up several phone numbers on the Internet. Every time I tried to call, the number went directly to a busy signal. After no luck with the phone and e-mail, I tried the Facebook page of the Palmetto State Armory and fixed my problem. They do not contact me, but I learned some things

palmetto state armory
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