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There is a lot of discontent among members of the university faculty on, a website that contains scores of student teachers. Many students use it to help you choose their classes. Unfortunately, site assessments are usually taken from a small biased sample of students. But students generally do not have access to better data, students are rational to use However, universities should eliminate student confidence in Student Assessments by University-run

Disinformation Prospers when good information is suppressed. allows students to label a teacher as "hot," highlights how easy it is for a teacher and allows students to post unpleasant and unnecessary comments about their teachers. When universities retain their own internal student assessments, they increase the importance of
This does not mean that teacher evaluations are perfect; far from there. Students sometimes punish teachers to be difficult students, assign relatively large jobs or even using obsolete quantities of clothing. Therefore, it is reasonable that some universities prefer that students do not see teacher evaluations. However, this option has been removed.
Most schools already administer student assessments of high quality teachers and must publish this information so that students can make smarter classroom decisions.
Do not post administered by the university could be unfair to many teachers evaluations. For example, a student who wishes to hurt the career of his professed no teacher could do more harm by publishing a negative review that give your teachers bad grades at official evaluations administered by students. has only a few evaluations for many teachers. On this site, therefore, a student can have a huge impact on a teacher's averages.
It is true that universities will almost certainly ignore to make promotional decisions. But the promotion of many university committees take into account the number of students a teacher brings to the class. So a dissatisfaction of students who uses to reduce a teacher's tuition might end up playing an important role in his teacher's promotion prospects.
Some PSs would benefit from the publication of high quality student assessments. If the research committees of the university could easily get student appraisals of accompanying work in their city, they would be more inclined to recruit people with celebrity brands. In a market that works well, completing the teaching of star teachers would only make the average quality. But markets only pay for quality if quality is observable by many potential employers.
Publication of high quality student assessments could improve university education. Teachers are very concerned about their reputation. Imagine how much less time most permanent teachers spend in research if all academic papers were to be published anonymously. Qualified teachers generally have little financial incentive to satisfy its clients. Perhaps if universities publish high quality student assessments, teachers would put more effort into obtaining a good reputation for teaching.
The current generation of students see customer ratings before buying books, watching movies or downloading music. We have to wait and maybe even encourage them to also use customer feedback to choose classes. And students worry about getting tests from potential teachers who are willing to resort to a scoring service that is both patently faulty. Therefore, universities should allow students to see the official evaluations that students complete and finally paid.
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