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January 30, 2018
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L. Leigh:
Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
February 2, 2018
You know you’re on the right path when everything starts falling apart!

Before attending a Propel Women’s Conference, my daughter Schyla felt strongly compelled to start pursuing her God given purpose, but had no idea what that was.  Schyla was working in the semiconductor industry for several years and was extremely good at her job, but never felt it fulfilled God's purpose for her life. So, she decided to be still, and pray to allow God to show her what it was He wanted her to do.

She gave her life to Christ at The Rock Church in San Marcos, CA about 4 years ago and the spiritual and mental growth has been phenomenal. But with that growth, she's become a target for the enemy who seeks to kill, steal and destroy.  He wanted to see her revert back to her old, self-damaging ways. Faithfully, she has been fighting like a warrior daughter of God and continues to stand her ground.

Schyla attended a Propel Women conference with me and asked the Spirit to give her direction.  Unfortunately, the enemy's attacks have escalated since the conference and her growing faithfulness to God. Schyla worked so hard to purchase a car she had wanted for a long time! On Schlya’s birthday, only months after getting her car, she was fired from her job of 13 years in the semiconductor industry.

To Schyla, this was something to take in prayer to the Lord. Schyla prayed for days, reflecting on her powerful testimonies to hear what God's will for her truly was.  She felt compelled to find a way to help people - to have a servant's towel bigger than her ego - to glorify our Father in heaven and show His grace to others.

She began to think of how much she struggled with her own self-confidence. Schyla has struggled with adult acne since she turned 24 and had some serious issues going out in public because of her skin. Then she realized….. That was it!!! She was going to go into the industry of esthetics to help other people with similar skin issues!

So, she prayed on it and asked God to confirm that this was the path He wanted her to take - and He did. God had given her this freedom to earn her license! Within a week Schyla was enrolled to become certified in esthetics and massage. She is completely prepared and has a fire in her heart! All she that remains is to find a job.

Within a week of her starting class and doing extremely well she was faced, yet again, with another horrible attack from the enemy - a devastating car accident! Schyla was t-boned by a driver going 55+ miles an hour. The accident was devastating, but didn’t put out her fire!  Even in the emergency room, she was affirming, “I will be in class on Monday!! This will not stop me from achieving my purpose!”

Thankfully God and her guardian angels were with her. She walked away from the accident with no major injuries; she suffered only stiffness, bruising and a minor concussion - but that was it. The sad news was... the insurance company decided the damages to her car were greater than the actual cash value of the car.  They deemed it a total loss.  Insurance reimbursed her just over half of what she owed on the car.  This means she still owes thousands more to the financing company for a car she isn't able to drive.

This setback still hasn’t dampened her spirit! Schyla is more fired up than ever and is now giving free facials and accepting any assistance from her friends and family while continuing to look for a job. The greatest hurdle for her now is that she can't finance a car with no job and no money.  

But she has complete faith and trust in God. We all know how hard that is to do when faced with so many reasons to give up, but Schyla does not give up.  Her resiliency has been remarkable - she simply picks up and goes on.  It isn't that she's too proud to ask for help - she just finds a way, most of the time, to get through things.  Until now.

We had so hoped the insurance company would repair the vehicle rather than deeming it as totalled.  Our thought was that she could get by with a month or two of help for rent, gasoline and phone service so she could keep a roof over her head, transportation and a means for prospective employers to contact her.  We started out with this in mind, hoping for around $5,000.

But, since the insurance company classified the car as being totalled, we don't know what to set as a goal - so we are leaving it up to God.  We are asking the following of every person who reads this:

IF you feel led to help, would you please send a gift of whatever amount you can spare without putting yourself or your family in any hardship?  Every little bit helps, and it will all add up to a huge blessing.

Let's get Schyla through these trials, so she can fulfill the purpose God has called to.  And, if you are in the Dallas area and would like to receive one of her practice facials, would you please include a note indicating that so she can provide a service as a gift for you, too?

Thank you and God bless you richly for your kindness and generosity.

List of needs:

Working vehicle (hoping for a sedan to carry supplies to client homes - $8,500?)
Hospital insurance deductible:  $500  
Vehicle insurance deductible: $500  
Rent:  $700/month
Food/toiletries:  $200
Utilities:  $75
Phone:  $150/month (on contract for 5 more months)
Vehicle note:  $5,000 after insurance payout
Insurance payment:  $150 (???) (may go up now)
School supplies:  $100
Tuition:  $5,000
Testing and Licensing:  $50 attachment
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L. Leigh:
Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
February 2, 2018

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