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Snapchat filters, the best choice to dress up this Halloween

Snapchat filters, the best choice to dress up this Halloween 

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October 19, 2016 Pepa-lopez PEPA LÓPEZ
Snapchat is fashionable, that's undeniable. Their filters are used daily by millions of people to change their appearance in photos and videos. However, this Halloween will jump from the screen to real life because the facial changes Snapchat are the favorite costume of the moment . Wherever the puppy, the deer or the vomit of rainbows take off the disguise of the joke that repeats the whole world.

1. A tender fawn

Is there something more tender than going disguised as Bambi? Now, Hart huge and tender eyes Snapchat including among its options . So far it was only an option online , but you can also wear it on the street, on Halloween or whatever you like.

2. The Butterfly effect

No, we are not referring to the scientific concept of chaos theory, but something more festive and easy to understand: the filter fills your head with golden butterflies in Snapchat . We talk about Halloween costumes, but this look could succeed on any fashion catwalk.

3. Puking rainbow

This is one of the most popular and popular filters of the social network, because who has not had a moment when all the cursilería came out of the ears? Snapchat managed to put a face (or rather filter) to this feeling and now we can do so in real life.

4. The wreath of flowers

If you do not like to wear costumes that make you look ugly , zombies, vampires and Frankenstein will not be your thing, not even on Halloween. However, this beautiful makeup inspired by the filter Snapchat, with wreath XXL included , will become your absolute favorite. You can repeat it in all your costume parties!

5. The tongue dog out

Going disguised as a dog or kitten is something very stale at Halloween parties. But what if you turn back to the topic with this filter Snapchat? You can choose between the brown dog, the Dalmatian or the cinnamon color. Even the language comes included!

6. Comic Girl

Many girls dress up as comic heroines like Superwoman, Catwoman, Mystique X-Men or the boom of the moment, that of Harley Quinn . This is what everyone will expect of you when you say you are going to disguise yourself as a comic book. Nothing further from reality! This filter vignetting Snapchat leave hallucinating all present.

7. From another planet

Are you a Smurf? No. Oh, I know! You're one of those dolls Avatar . Well neither. Your costume is much more original than all that, you're the alien effect that allows the filter Snapchat , including deformation of the head. There will be no one else!

8. Take out the lioness you carry

It is the wildest version of the typical kitten costume, but the beast. With this tutorial you can become a lion / tiger / feline of some kind (Snapchat has not made clear the species). As Katy Perry says, "You're gonna hear me groar."

9. Killer Bunny

The one who said that the bunnies are tender and harmless did not know this Snapchat filter. Yes, with the mouth closed like a loving and sweet stuffed animal, but when you open your eyes become red and discovered its millions of sharp teeth . It has all the ingredients for a terrifying Halloween.

10. I'm all lips

It is one of the most sinister and disturbing filters having Snapchat, when reflected in your eyes your lips and they all move together . It creates a feeling of empty eye sockets and is quite unpleasant to look at. Perfect for Halloween then!

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