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MONOGRAPHIC: Zoho, the office suite in the cloud - Zoho Writer PDF To print Mail
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Written by Elvira Mifsud   
Tuesday, 24 May 2011 19:32
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MONOGRAPHIC: Zoho, the office suite in the cloud
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4. Zoho Writer
Zoho Writer is an online word processor that can work collaboratively with other users, sharing and editing documents in groups.

Zoho Writer is a good word processor but does not offer all the features most advanced processors with more travel some.

In its favor we can say it has a very intuitive interface, features a variety of sources that may be more than enough in most cases, be the online office suite more complete than exists right now.

It is also wysiwyg (what you see is what you get), allows export to a large number of formats such as pdf , html , word , etc. And very interesting is the possibility that offers to perform a version control.

Zoho Writer allows offline work can store as working documents on the local hard disk plus organize them into folders, but only in the case of export documents. You can also import them from other websites.

It allows the collaborative editing and the direct publication in web and / or personal blogs. In addition also it allows to download and view documents created directly from any type office suite OpenOffice , LibreOffice , Google Docs , etc.

But Zoho Writer has a number of drawbacks since, features to which we are accustomed are not available. For example organizing documents into folders in the cloud does not allow this and requires you to set the document type from its own name. Or for example it lacks spellcheck as we write. We are used to it and Zoho takes spell checker but do not support 'on the fly'.

Nor does it allow you to work with master documents or insert spreadsheets into the document.

When accessing Writer shows the interface application work with a welcome and instructions for use.

4.1 Working with Zoho Writer
The first thing we do is create a new file ( File> New ) and keep trying different options provided, similar to how we would any other word processor.

The following figure illustrates simple and common operations we can do with Zoho Writer :

The top bar has a series of drop down tabs with all grouped functions: Format, Insert, Review, Cooperate, View, Settings and Mail pages. When we click on one of them they change the buttons available below it.

From the options review we can apply the spellcheck the entire document. We can also select the dictionary that we will apply, do searches with substitution, etc.

If we want to enable the corrector in Spanish of Spain we must go to Settings (top menu bar) and window settings to select the language.

But perhaps the tab more novel is to cooperate . Selecting this tab changes the button bar and changes to the following:

From here we have options such as Share :

This option allows you to share your documents with other individual users or groups of users by assigning certain access permissions to the share:

The user will receive an email, which we can

Edit mail invitation, announcing that it has available this share.

The text of the email sent is as follows:

We introduce amendments if we want and click OK .

Clicking Share shows the corresponding to the share with the option of deleting and the URL from which the resource is available resource input.

From the account given we open the message sent by Zoho :

If we click on the given link we get to the shared file.

The user who shared the resource also receives a warning email that has shared a file.

To save the document created going to File> Save As and assign a name:

But where did you keep it?
Actually the file is saved in the cloud, ie on servers Zoho offers the services offered. But we can also save them on our devices or on our hard drive.

To do what we must do is to select an export format ( File> Export ) and gives us the option to save where you say including the ability to create folders.

The available export formats are:

We can retrieve the file created in later sessions accessing File> Open . Opens a side window in which it shows our files to which we can apply different classification criteria.

This window also shows the folder with the files that have been shared by other users, the trash, etc. The window has a side tab that allows 'hide' or 'bring it'.

The tab view shows different options for viewing your document. For example, our Default Test file looks like Normal View. We can see it as a Page, see its HTML code in a popup window or see what it would look like if we were going to print it.

We will now look at the bottom bar of the tool.

The first button on the left allows you to edit the user profile. You can change the status of the user. Moving from available to busy or invisible, similar to chat gmail .

The bell button refers to notifications received. Generally, a notification is generated when any changes have been made to a shared file. In the figure we see that on the bell a red '1' appears indicating that there is an unread notification, which we show in the following figure:

Clicking on the link shows the name of the file on which the modification was made and which user has done it.

The next button, of the snacks, refers to the chat. In principle the chat is not active. To activate go to the top menu of Zoho in Applications Zoho check is Chat . We enter and show a welcome message:

To add a photo click on the area of ​​the photo and allows us to select a photo:

Let us now Add Contact to add a friend to talk. We add the identifier of your email and save it. Zoho warns that has been added correctly.

The invited user receives an email in these terms:

To enter the chat user who invited you click Enter into emifsud's guest room and displays this dialog box:


The user connected to Zoho has this chat window:

We now see the option Groups which is the next button. In principle we do not have any groups available. Let's create one. Click on Click here and leads to the Accounts page Zoho .

Introduce group data: name, added to it members, language, etc and create. We have our working group called zoho -ite .

The last button available is the Contacts button. We can add some.
Let us now briefly review the tabs at the top bar of Zoho Writer .

The first is Format :

Selecting the tab changes all available and visible options in the next lower bar. In this case it contains the typical options of a word processor.
The tab Insert shows:

In this case the options are to insert images, links, tables, comments, emoticons, etc.
The tab Review shows:

The options included are spelling check, dictionary selection to apply, search and replace, etc.

The tab Cooperate and we discussed earlier. Only say that the file that is being edited can be sent by email to the contact of ours that we select and in the format that we choose of all available.

Also comment on this tab option Post the document allows other online users can have access to that document.


The publication of the document can also be done inserting it as a blog post:

Tabs Views and Page Setup have the usual options that we will not comment.

Finally we go to that post office . This tab allows you to select a file cvs 1 select fields on it and do a mailing. In short is another way to publish the document.

4.2 File menu option
From this menu we can create a new file, open one that we have already created and have in our repository in the cloud, or import it from different locations both local and web:

In addition is the ability to import a specific file from Google Docs . In this case we are asked authentication to enter our account Google Docs :

Clicking on Authentication Google shows the request that we grant to access to our documents in Google Docs .

This may deny access it more later from 'My Account'.

We have available our documents Google docs and we can select the one you need and then import it to Zoho and work on it.

Once we have worked on the document we can save it. The next time you want to work on it and we appear as an open document Zoho ( File> Open ).

Another option in the File menu is the Export menu, which offers a wide range of formats available:

The rest of the menu options are the usual ones and we will not comment.

zoho mail

4.3 Zoho Writer versus Google Docs
Included in table form some of the notable differences between Zoho Writer and Google Docs :

Zoho Writer

google Docs

It has templates and default images that are classified.

Allows you to save templates in a template library that can be public in order to share them.

You do not have public images to use.

Allows you to import documents created by other word processors.

Import files larger than Google Docs .

Can not import documents created by other word processors

Include emoticons in your files.

It does not allow emoticons to be included in the files.

It has a drawing tool that does not have Zoho Writer .

It does not allow to see the history of the modifications made on the file.

View the history of the modifications made to the file.

You can work with documents online with good performance but more slowly than Google Docs .

Collaborators only see the changes made if the page is reloaded.

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