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Hi everyone! My name is Branton McMahan from Atlanta, GA. I am an up-and-coming independent Christian screenwriter and director, and this is my new project, Faith Healing.

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In high school, I realized that God was calling me into youth ministry, and through a series of events only He could ordain, I discovered my passion for filmmaking. I realized it was not only a great ministry opportunity, but a missed one. From there, Project 29:11 Productions was born. 


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We exist to influence youth through the stories God entrusts us to create, and God entrusted us to tell stories such as Good & Faithful (2021), which will be coming out soon (See Trailer Here: https://youtu.be/nvLQwIBaopU, and now Faith Healing (filming Spring 2022) (See Teaser Trailer Here: https://youtu.be/1LFAByo7uGc). I'm very excited to announce that Good & Faithful Producer Mikayla Denny and Assistant Director De'Ja McCray will be rejoining us for this as well.

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If you love Pixar short films and Christian movies, then you’re going to love Faith Healing. It is written and to be shot in a style similar to classic Pixar shorts but with a purely Christian theme inspired by Ephesians 4:32. 

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Christina Maria Wendt plays Sophie, a rising high school Track Star with Olympic Dreams. But when she goes to a party one night and sees the “dark side” of her best friend, played by Trinity Dobbs, she leaves in anger and is accidentally hit by a car crossing the street, paralyzing her from the waist down confining her to a wheelchair. 

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Broken, empty, and bitter inside, Sophie embarks on a journey of healing, including attempting ”faith healing,” and finds something she wasn’t expecting; the healing power of Jesus Christ’s forgiveness. 

Forgiveness is the First Step is the message and tagline of this film. Through the healing power of Christ’s forgiveness, which heals our hearts, we are able to heal those who have hurt us through our forgiveness. That message literally came to me in a dream one night, and I felt so strongly that it was a story that needed to be told. Hopelessness is on the rise, and people need something to direct them to the hope of Jesus Christ, especially in the media-saturated society we live in today.

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Christian film and TV series productions are on the rise while Hollywood is slowly being dismantled. God is raising up a generation of creators to turn the broken world back to Him, even in the midst of the chaos we live in. But we cannot do it alone. We need support from other believers like you!

Our starting goal to make this film is $9,700. If you break it down, that’s 97 people each giving $100 to this campaign, or 100 people just giving $97. In other words, if every member of your church gave in one of the following two ways, we would meet or even exceed our goal.

There are two ways you can give. First, you can give according to the following tiers and receive great rewards and perks! See below:

Tier 1: $10 – Have you ever wanted to see your name in the Credits of a movie? Well, you can have your name in this movie by donating just $10!!

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Tier 2: $50 – What happens when you leave . . . Unexpectedly? That is a question that is answered in Project 29:11 Productions’ first major short film Good & Faithful. At the giving tier of $50, you will receive a FREE PRIVATE LINK to watch it for 30 DAYS before it even comes out on streaming!! Donors at this tier will also be named in the credits of Faith Healing.

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Trailer: https://youtu.be/nvLQwIBaopU

Tier 3: $100 – If you’ve ever wanted to have your 15 seconds of fame in a movie, now is your chance! Please consider contributing $100 to help us make Faith Healing, and you will be welcomed on-set as an EXTRA in some scenes!! Donors at this tier will also be named in the credits and receive a link to watch Good & Faithful FREE for 30 days.

Tier 4: $250 – Do you want to feel famous for one night? Come MEET THE CAST AND CREW at the WRAP PARTY on April 5, 2022 with a donation of $250 or more and feel like a STAR!! Not only that, but once the film is completed, you will receive a FREE PRIVATE LINK to the watch Faith Healing for 30 DAYS, before it even comes out!! Donors at this tier will also be named in the credits, receive a link to watch Good & Faithful, and be welcomed as an extra.

Tier 5: $500 – Donors at the tier of $500 will be given Executive Producer Credit, one of the most important roles in a movie production with your name at the beginning and end of the film!! Not only that, but once the film is completed, you will receive a FREE PRIVATE LINK to watch Faith Healing for 30 days, before it even comes out!! Donors at this tier will also be named in the credits, receive a link to watch Good & Faithful, and be welcomed on-set as an extra.

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The other way you can give, is by helping us purchase the props we need from the list below.  This list will be updated as we receive donations. Simply give according to the specific amount listed for the prop you’d like to purchase listed below.

Prop List:

  • Track Team Uniforms (Min 6/set): $20

  • Track Team Warm-up (Min 6/Set): $50 

  • Stopwatch: $10

  • Gym Bag for Sophie: $20

  • Water Bottle: $10

  • Notepad: $2 

  • High School Textbooks x5: $125

  • Binders x3: $10

  • Medical Pen Light: $11

  • Trophies x5: $45

  • Medals: $15

  • Photos: $20

  • Running Posters: $20

  • Motivational Posters: $12

  • Chair: $150

  • Dinner: $50

You can also purchase props for us here at our Amazon wishlist HERE: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2XVE165PZNO7N?ref_=wl_share

Donors who contribute through prop purchasing will be credited and rewarded according to the above-mentioned tier levels, and all donors will be listed in the credits of the film unless they ask to remain anonymous.

In conclusion, if everyone gives in one of the two methods mentioned, I believe that we will meet or possiblity even exceed our goal. I've seen God do it before, and I believe wholeheartedly that we will see Him do it again!

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Your donations will be used to purchase props and secure locations and resources needed to make this dream a reality. They will also help feed, house, and transport our cast and crew, most of whom are volunteering their time and talents to this. Not only that, but your donations will help us get this film out to the masses at film festivals and through streaming. If you are not able to donate, we completely understand, but we ask that you would please lift us up in prayer over the course of 2022 as we make this movie.


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This campaign runs from January 10 - February 9, so please hurry and make your donations ASAP!!

Thank you so much for supporting and believing in us! You are an answer to our prayers and to God’s calling on our lives. We cannot wait to share this with you, and we hope you will support us through your giving and your prayers!

  • Branton McMahan, Writer and Director, Project 29:11 Productions.


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Launch day
Today is the day! Our fundraiser has begun! We’ve planned and prepared this for months and we’ve been praying for God to provide for so long. God has already provided so much in terms of casting, crew, resource, and some funding already. Now, this is the last step, and we really hope you’ll consider being a part of it! Thank you and God bless!
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