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You are invited to help us build awareness and availability of the new way for families to cultivate strong moral character in our children and grandchildren -  VIRTUE HEROES™.


The Tiny Virtue Heroes™ are adorable imaginary animal and insect characters who invite kids to admire and emulate real people of heroic virtue from across Christian spiritual history, and from all around the globe. We begin with a series of story books.


Two Tiny Virtue Hero books are available now:

  • A Mouse and a Miracle is the virtue story of HUMILITY. It is told by Moshe the Mouse. His story vividly invites children to admire his humble hero, Mary at the Annunciation. Moshe also introduces readers to Mission Virtue Hero, Justo Takayma Ukon, from Japan, who was a Samurai who made humble sacrifices to serve Christ. 

  • Wisdom Finds a Way is the Virtue Story of WISDOM. It takes readers on a journey with Amel the Camel and wise king Balthazar who leads the three kings to bring gifts to Baby Jesus. Amel introduces readers to the holy Mission Virtue Hero, Francis of Asissi Italy, who loved Christmas and lived with simple wisdom.


In the fall of 2021, a new TVH story will be released. Jesus, Lost and Found is the Virtue Story of KINDNESS told by Eli the Caterpillar. This tiny tale is a behind-the-scenes look at the kindness of Joseph, foster-father of Jesus, when he and Mary searched everywhere before finding Jesus in the Temple. Eli also introduces children to the extraordinary Mission Virtue Hero, Bakhita of Africa, who exercised heroic kindness, even in the midst of her slavery. 


In time, a robust collection of storybooks (with toys, videos, and music) will be available. For now, the books are being produced using a print-on-demand process that works well to distribute to individuals and stores. 

To get these powerful stories into many little hands and to beguile the large number of children who need the strength of virtue, we need to produce larger quantities of the books for events and plan virtual and live events.

CHALLENGE #1: FUNDING BOOK PRODUCTION - It is very expensive to produce a larger quantity of quality full-color children’s books. Generating the funds necessary is difficult without the backing of an entertainment or publishing conglomerate. The problem is deeper - since those same conglomerates we might work with, now show little value for virtue... and are often producing content that is the opposite of our goal. Much of it is morally damaging for our kids. YOUR donation can help in a powerful way to circumvent the big companies working against us.

CHALLENGE #2: PLANNING EVENTS - We have two special big opportunities to get families and schools excited about the Virtue Heroes   way of energizing kids with virtue...but to reach across the USA, we need lots of help! You can help us connect with churches and schools to bring the stories of "characters who empower character" to bless the children you know and care about!

Together we can overcome both of those challenges. That's why we are letting you know about the VIRTUE HEROES through Move Your Mountain. Your donations and partnership is an IMPORTANT part of the process to help us to strengthen the next generation with a desire to think & pray, do & say virtue, through the delightfully simple means of virtue-rich characters and stories! 

The Virtue Heroes are created by award-winning children’s author, Cathy Gilmore, and illustrated by talented illustrator and graphic designer, Jeanie Egolf

When you help us produce these books, you also are helping the cause of Virtue Literacy. Part of the sale of each Tiny Virtue Hero Book is donated to the charitable efforts of Virtue Works Media.



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$0 / $5,000
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