Move Your Mountain has put together these seven classes to walk you through each step of creating and managing a successful crowdfunding campaign. This series was created using insights from hundreds of successful campaigns generated on our website.

The Power of the Crowd

MYM 101 – In this course, we teach you how the power of the crowd can help you succeed in your fundraising goals. Big things can happen when you inspire the crowd!

Courage and Belief

MYM 201 – In this course, we teach you to believe in yourself and have the courage to tell your story and share it within your community. You can do this…and we’re here to teach you how!

Setting the Right Goal

MYM 301 – In this course, we discuss setting your goal and how that number can impact the success of your fundraising campaign. The emotion of money and how to set the tone.

Writing Your Story

MYM 401 – In this course, we teach you how to write your fundraising story and how to get that story to “move the crowd” and inspire the community through your words.

Photos and Videos

MYM 501 – In this course, you’ve already written the story…and now we talk about how photos and videos “bring your story to life”. Pictures and videos bring another dimension to your story

Promoting Your Story

MYM 601 – In this course, we talk about promoting your story and engaging the crowd. It’s simply not enough to have a great story…you need other people to read and engage with your story.

Finish Strong

MYM 701 – In this course, we use build upon all the information provided in the previous courses to help you finish strong!