The Power of the Crowd

Big Things Can Happen With Crowdfunding 

Crowdfunding is a relatively new term for an age-old reality. People have been helping other people for thousands of years, but now technology enables us to give and receive money from people all over the world at the click of a button. Crowdfunding is simply people helping other people over the internet.  

Crowdfunding platforms like Move Your Mountain act like a megaphone to get your message out to the world. Billions of dollars have been raised and millions of lives have been impacted by crowdfunding. It’s safe, it’s secure, and it really works! 

Kelly Needed Help

Kelly is 24 years old. She recently graduated from college and is working at her first job as a writer in Reno, Nevada. Her dream is to write children’s educational books. Kelly has a boyfriend, friends and family who also live in Reno. She has helped people all her life, from showing up at the car wash, to cleaning up at the city park and even tutoring while she attended college. Life was good.  

Kelly gets in an accident and loses the use of her right arm. She gets hit by a young driver who is in a hurry and ran a red light. The young driver doesn’t have insurance, and now Kelly can’t work.  

The pain of the accident, her physical loss, the medical bills, and the anguish of being a young woman who has only one arm is almost too much for her. Her dream of writing for children also appears in jeopardy. This young woman who has been so generous and full of life is now feeling hopeless and afraid.  

Kelly’s doctor tells her about a new medical advancement that would restore functionality to her arm, giving her new hope and the ability to pursue her dream again. 

Because she is new to her company, she doesn’t have insurance. Life, rent, and the medical bills have wiped out her small savings and now are so intimidating she doesn’t know how she will survive. 

Kelly’s medical treatment and materials will cost $52,000, but there is no way she can come up with that amount on her own. It might as well be a million dollars as far as she is concerned.  

How Could Kelly Ever Get $52,000?

A close friend tells Kelly about Move Your Mountain. She has no experience with crowdfunding so she doubts it would work for her. Besides, who would be willing to help her? She doesn’t even know that many people.  

Kelly doesn’t understand the power of the crowd. The crowd is the world. It’s all the hearts, caring people, and generous people. The crowd is waiting to spring into action for the next story, victory, tragedy, or opportunity. The crowd wants to help.  

Kelly’s friends tell her that her story is worth telling and that her dream is important. Others will help if she will let them. She is afraid to tell her story and even more afraid to ask for help. Her friends share success stories from Move Your Mountain and ask her to have faith and try. She already has the goal amount of $52,000, and they encourage her to focus on how it would feel to reach her goal.  

Kelly starts a campaign and tells her story. It is easier than she expected. She shares her dream and how she wants to help the world. In her campaign, she puts before and after photos, and a video she took with her cell phone. Then, she shares it with all her friends on Facebook and asks them to help her reach her goal and spread the word about her Move Your Mountain campaign. 

One of her friends contacts the local college and tells them about Kelly’s Move Your Mountain campaign. Another friend tells the local newspaper and TV and radio channels about Kelly’s campaign and story. The crowd is hearing about Kelly. 

In 23 Days, 614 People Donated a Total of $55,000!

Some gave big, most gave a little. The smallest donation was $2.00 from a student who wanted to help. Even though she was afraid to tell her story and afraid to ask for help. Kelly learned that giving people an opportunity to give is one of the greatest gifts she could ever give. The givers are blessed to be part of a success story and a dream come true. 

Victories Like This Happen Every Day

Kelly’s treatment is going well and she is back to work writing. 

Safe and trusted sites like are leading the revolution and empowering people all over the country to engage the crowd.  

With the crowd we can change anything! 

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