Courage and Belief

You Can Do This!

We may not know you or your story (yet!), but we do know this: 

You are worthy. 
You are important. 
Your story needs to be told.  

People are made to help each other. We love to know what’s going on in each other’s lives. Just look at social media, your latest text thread, blogs, community organizations, and similar groups. They exist because people care about people. People care about you and your story, and they want to help.  

The World Wants to Hear From You

If you're reading this, you’re looking for support of some kind. We are here to connect you to a world that wants to hear from you. Maybe you’re an organization looking to embark on a new initiative that needs a boost to get started. Maybe you’re an individual who needs helps paying a medical bill. Maybe you have never run a crowdfunding campaign before. Not to worry. 

This may be your first time crowdfunding, but you’re not the first to crowdfund. Countless numbers of organizations and individuals have gone before you into this new world. Billions of dollars have been raised with crowdfunding and millions of lives have been improved. For every one of those people there was the scary beginning. But they rallied some courage and a little belief and overcame their situation. If they can do it, you can do it. You just have to learn how to Move Your Mountain.  

Are you ready to choose courage over fear? Are you ready to set your worries aside and Move Your Mountain? 

Start With Positivity

It’s 6am, and your alarm goes off. You remember today was the day you planned to set up your Move My Mountain campaign. You are nervous because you’ve never started a crowdfunding campaign before or didn’t meet with as much success as you had hoped in the past. You can respond to your nervousness in two ways: negative or positive. 

Negative: You start to tell yourself, “No one will want to contribute to my campaign. People don’t care about me.” You roll over in bed and continue the negative self-talk until you find a reason to get out of bed and distract yourself from your goal of creating a Move Your Mountain campaign today. Negativity has prevented you from telling your story and inviting the world to help you reach your goal. You will never know that people are willing to support you and that they care about you because you never gave them the chance.  

Positive: Your start to tell yourself, “I know there are good people in the world who would want to contribute to my campaign; I just have to find them. People really do care about me.” You roll out of bed, take a shower, eat a good breakfast, and sit down to create your Move Your Mountain campaign. Positivity has given you the opportunity to tell your story and invite the world to help you reach your goal. You finish setting up your campaign and begin sharing it with your network. Before you know it, people are contributing. You sit back and tell yourself, “I’m glad I chose a positive approach to my goal and gave the world the chance to help me reach it. And look – it's working!” 



Make It a Habit

Now that you can recognize the difference between negative and positive self-talk, you can start choosing positivity and building upon it. Positivity is a prerequisite to a successful Move Your Mountain campaign. Choose to build on it by reciting positive statements such as: 

I can do this. 

I am valuable.  

My story matters. 

I can reach my goal.  

People want to help me reach my goal.  

Next Step

With a positive approach to reaching your goal, now it’s time to set the right one.  

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