Setting the Right Goal


You have taken action and are moving forward in creating your Move Your Mountain campaign. Now it’s time to decide what your campaign goal amount will be.  

By now you have decided to raise money for your cause or opportunity. Setting the right goal amount is important for not only you, but all your donors as well. People want to know the end game. Fundraising is a sprint not a marathon, and having a clear goal amount helps everyone keep their eye on the finish line.  

Know the Costs

This may be your first crowdfunding campaign, but many people have gone before you. Look at other campaigns that are similar to your situation. What goals did they set? What costs did they account for?  

As part of your story, break down the costs and where all the money will go. This will help donors to trust the campaign. It also helps you confirm you have covered all the costs and have set the right goal amount.  

Remember, you can always increase your goal amount later as your campaign grows. There is nothing wrong with raising more and helping more. 

If you are doing a specific project, like raising money for blankets for the homeless, guide the donors. Include in your campaign what a single blanket costs so donors know. If they cost 20 dollars, put that in your campaign and ask people to donate $20 or team up with four friends who will each give $5, totaling $20. Give people options. It all helps.  

Next Step

Now that you’ve identified your costs and set your Move Your Mountain campaign goal, it’s time to write your story. 

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