Bring Your Story to Life With Photos and Videos

Emotions Make Sense Before Words Do 

Photos and videos are emotional, especially when they include people. You decided what emotions you were going to write into your Move Your Mountain campaign story. Now, keep it going with photos and videos that truly reveal all the emotions of your story.  

A photo or video is a quick way to draw people in with the heart of your campaign before they have even read your whole written story.  

Be sure your photos and videos are clear and high quality. You don’t need professional photographers or videographers. Your cell phone will work just fine. In fact, some of the most successful campaigns have used photos and videos taken casually on a cell phone. They are real, raw, and honest.  

Don’t be afraid to post pictures of yourself. People want to see you and will connect with your campaign more deeply and quickly if they see your face. 

4 Key Points  

1) Choose a great feature photo.  

Show the story and emotions.  

2) Add a video as soon as possible.  

A video adds a personal touch to your campaign and will get your campaign off to a strong start.  

3) Add new photos or videos regularly.  

We suggest posting an update every 5-7 days with a fresh photo or video. 

4) Post a victory photo or video.  

Once you have reached your campaign goal, post a photo or video of you and your team celebrating or showcasing what you have accomplished together.  


Next Step

Now that you have a written your campaign story and added photos and/or videos, it’s time to start promoting your story.  

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