Promoting Your Story

Engage the Crowd 

You are ready to share with the crowd!  

Believe in this process. Put the effort in and have a positive expectation with every message. Share and promote. Don’t sell. All you are looking for is people who believe what you believe and care about what you care about. The key here is just to share your campaign with as many people as possible. 

Your belief and positive attitude are vital to your success. 

10 Key Points  

1) Email all of your friends, family, and relatives personally (never in bulk) with a link to your campaign and a request to consider supporting you.  

2) Post and share your campaign on social media.  

3) Call 5-10 of your friends and family personally to ask if they would share your campaign on their social media.  

4) Use the text feature and share your campaign with all the contacts in your cell phone and ask if they would consider supporting you. Send individual texts, not group texts.  

5) Put out a press release. Ask a mentor how to do so or do an internet search to learn more. 

6) Ask local TV channels, media, and magazines to promote or contribute to your campaign. 

7) Reach out to local churches, charities, and social organizations and share your campaign.  

8) Ask local radio stations to see if they would interview you and advertise your campaign on the air.  

9) Create flyers with your Move Your Mountain website link on them and request permission to post the flyers at your nearby grocery stores and community centers.  

10) Research who the Community Development Officers are at nearby large companies, and reach out to them asking for support for your campaign.  

Next Step 

Now that you’ve gotten the word out, it’s time to finish strong.  

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