Finish Strong

Updates & Thank Yous

You have been doing the work and your campaign is growing.
Your goal is not that far off.  

With every donation, your donors received an automatic thank you and a receipt for their donation.
These are transactional emails are important, but they have little impact compared to the thank you
coming personally from you. 

People really want to know what is going on.
Many donors will donate a second time when they see you are close and you have not let up.  

As you hit 80%, thank your donors for their belief and support. Do this first in one of your updates.
Then go to your dashboard and use the “Thank You” button next to each donor’s name. Never do a bulk thank you. 
Send each donor a personal thank you. It’s fast and it is always very appreciated. Everyone loves to be thanked.  

When you have reached 100% of your campaign goal, create a short video and post it with an update, graciously thanking all of your donors. 

3 Key Points  

1) Keep the updates going every 5-7 days until you’ve reached your goal.  

2) At 80% raised, send personal thank you emails from the Move Your Mountain dashboard. 

3) At 100% raised, post an update with a video thanking everyone for their support. 


You’ve completed all the Move Your Mountain Fundraising University courses. We wish you the best as you continue to crowdfund through Move Your Mountain and hope you meet with much success in your current and future campaigns! 

-The Move Your Mountain Team