The following information is to help you have a Secure, Safe, and Fun experience with Move Your Mountain.

When Donating Money

Move Your Mountain takes many precautions to make sure all of our campaigns are legitimate and authentic. However…there is always a chance that an improper campaign makes it onto the site. For this reason, donors should only contribute to Move Your Mountain Campaigns that they know personally and trust.

Never donate other than using our secure process.

There are NO other ways to donate on Move Your Mountain campaigns, other than the “contribute now” button on each campaign. Through our secure process, you can be assured that all dollars will get to the right people.

If ever in doubt…don’t donate.

Providing Authenticated Authors

All Move Your Mountain Campaign authors are required to provide information to confirm their identities. Move Your Mountain does this so donors can feel secure in knowing who the person is that is collecting the donations.

When Fundraising

All Move Your Mountain campaigns receive their donations through their personal WePay account. Both Move Your Mountain and WePay are PCI compliant companies and provide encrypted processing services. We also provide a secure site (SSL Cert). Notice the green search bar and lock. Our processing system is secure and at no time should you attempt to bypass this.

Report a Problem

Move Your Mountain takes your security very serious and we are available 7 days a week to respond via email.